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When you’re trying to pick the right policy for you, it can be difficult to work out what treatments and therapies included as standard – particularly if you work in the hair, beauty, holistic or health industries. You need to make sure all the work you undertake is covered to ensure you don’t find yourself in a difficult situation later on, and that means knowing which are included automatically and which are optional.

Here at Salon Gold, we want to make the process of finding out which treatments and therapies are ensured on your policy easier. We’ve compiled all the different therapy and treatment lists from all our policies, so you can see, at a glance, what’s covered under your profession. No nasty surprises – know exactly what you’re covered for before you buy your policy.

Mobile, Freelance, Self-Employed Treatments Covered


Automatically Covered

  • Washing, cutting, styling and drying hair
  • Use of cut throat razors
  • Use of clippers/trimmers

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Beauty Therapist

Automatically Covered

Optional Covers

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Counselling / Psychotherapy

Automatically Covered

  • Psychotherapeutic Counselling
  • Psychotherapy
  • Counselling
  • Counselling Supervision

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Face Painting

Automatically Covered

  • Face painting
  • Glitter tattoos
  • Henna art
  • Hair braiding
  • Nail cutting, shaping, varnishing, nail art & nail extensions

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Gym Instructor / Personal Trainer (incl Dance / Yoga Instructors

Automatically Covered

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Automatically Covered

  • Application of dyes, tints, bleaches, perms
  • Application of nail polish
  • Ear piercing using gun and stud method
  • Eyebrow/eyelash plucking, shaping, dyeing, tinting and perming including semi-permanent mascara
  • Application of false eyelashes
  • Application of semi-permanent eyelash extensions
  • Application of hair extensions (N.B. we’re only able to provide cover for hair extensions if you are a fully-qualified hairdresser or beauty therapist and you have attended a UK-accredited course for the hair extension method you’re using)
  • Special treatment of hair: straightening and conditioning treatments, etc. (if using a chemical straightening method, only up to 0.2% formaldehyde is covered)
  • Tooth jewellery
  • Use of clippers/trimmers
  • Use of cut-throat razors
  • Use of electrical equipment such as tongs, curlers, straighteners and hairdryers
  • Washing, cutting, styling and drying hair

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Holistic / Complimentary Therapist

Automatically Covered

Optional Covers

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Makeup Artist

Automatically Covered

  • Day make-up
  • Evening make-up
  • Media make-up
  • Stage make-up
  • Fashion make-up
  • Camouflage make-up

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Nail Technician

Automatically Covered

  • Application of nail extensions and nail coatings, including varnishes and coating cured using a UV lamp
  • Application of nail art
  • Cutting/shaping of nails
  • Manicures/pedicures (including paraffin wax treatments)

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Nutritional Therapist

Automatically Covered

  • Healthy eating advice
  • Nutritional therapy/medicine
  • Vitamin therapy
  • Weight management consultancy
  • Whole food therapy

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Cover provided by Sub-Section Public Liability and Products Liabiity extends to include Students to cover case study work provided that:

  • You must be competent to practice by your school and not practice outside the scope of what you have been taught
  • Regular supervision and/or on-going case consultation/review for such case studies must be in place
  • Students must declare to clients/patients in advance that they are not fully qualified
  • Any fee charged must be evidently lower than an experienced and qualified therapist would charge

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Automatically Covered

  • Analysis of scalp and/or hair disorders and the non-medical treatment of those maladies
  • The use of ultraviolet, infra-red or high frequency to assist in the treatment
  • The blending or mixing of proprietary branded products

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Salon Treatments Covered

Barber Shop

Automatically Covered

  • In respect of washing styling cutting and drying of hair including the use of cut throat razors and hair clippers and trimmers

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Beauty Salon

Automatically Covered

  • Acid peels (only covered if treatment shown on the policy schedule) provided that
    i. full written aftercare instructions are provided to the client
    ii. glycolic and or alpha hydroxyl treatment concentrations do not exceed 40% of the solution
    iii. an allergic reaction has not been diagnosed following fulfilment of an appropriate skin test 24 hours prior to the commencement of such treatment
  • Application of false tanning products including airbrush and spray tanning
  • Application of tooth jewellery
  • Aqua detox
  • Bleaching of superfluous hair
  • Cosmetics and nail extensions
  • Cranio sacral therapy
  • Cutting and shaping of nails applying acrylic coatings
  • Detox foot spa
  • Ear piercing using stud and gun method
  • Eyebrow and eyelash plucking shaping tinting perming and application of false eyelashes
  • Facial masks including ionisation and steaming treatments
  • Hair removal preparations other than electrolysis
  • Henna art
  • Holistic treatments including aromatherapy reflexology bowen technique reiki crystal healing
    stone therapy hopi ear candles indian head massage kinesiology
  • Infra red treatments
  • Makeup including stage makeup
  • Manicures pedicures including paraffin wax
  • Massage including sports massage acupressure manual lymphatic drainage
  • Microdermabrasion (only covered if treatment is shown on policy schedule)
  • Nose piercing (only covered if treatment is shown on policy schedule)
  • Oxygen treatment
  • Sugaring
  • Threading

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Hairdressing Salon

Automatically Covered

  • Application of false eyelashes
  • Application of tooth jewellery
  • Eyebrow and eyelash plucking shaping perming dyeing and tinting
  • Cutting and shaping of nails including application of acrylic coatings
  • Ear piercing by gun and stud method
  • Tinting dyeing bleaching permanent waving or special treatment of hair
  • Use of cut throat razors
  • Use of electrical equipment such as tongs, curlers, straighteners, hairdryers
  • Use of hair clippers and trimmers
  • Washing styling cutting application of hair extensions and drying of hair

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Nail Studio

Automatically Covered

  • Application of nail art
  • Application of nail extensions and nail coatings including varnish
  • Cutting shaping or nails
  • Manicures pedicures including paraffin wax

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