Going Mobile: Should You Build An App For Your Business? (+ Video)


Watch our new video on building an app for your business:

With the entire population shifting from desktops to laptops and now handhelds, mobile applications have become a key component of every mobile device. Apps have allowed businesses to stay connected to their customers 24/7 and retain engagement with them easily. Having a mobile application not only builds customer loyalty and helps to build a company’s brand image, but it also acts as a direct marketing channel between the company and their clients.

If you still need a little convincing however, here are some reasons that could make you re-consider investing in a mobile app for your business:


Firstly, every business should be aware that since 2015, Google has prioritised websites that are mobile-friendly. This means a business with a website that isn’t mobile responsive, will decrease in Google’s search ranking on mobiles – and you wouldn’t want that, would you?

mobile direct marketing channel

Direct marketing channel

A direct marketing channel as mentioned earlier, allows your clients to be in contact with your business constantly – your business is literally at their fingertips. Through a mobile application, you’re able to send push notifications, keeping clients updated on your latest offers, products and news and can even remind them to book their next appointment. A direct marketing channel allows you to have an open channel of communication with your customers for anything.

mobile continuous advertisement

24/7 advertisement

A mobile app allows you to advertise to your customers in real time. Gone are the days when a company would need to buy ad space in their local newspaper or hand out flyers continuously for hours, – with an app, companies are able to promote their new products and services when needed. Advertisement will ultimately lead to engagement, which is key to any business success and will help build customer loyalty. You could also enlist sponsors and advertisers to advertise on your app, providing you with a separate source of revenue. Just be careful that the ads featured are relevant and not overbearing. Too many ads can make your app look unprofessional and cumbersome.

Offering sales & services

Mobile apps give businesses a wide range of options on how to engage their consumer, for example, offering rewards as incentives to cultivate customer loyalty, promoting sales on certain treatments and products and even allowing clients to book appointments in advance. There are endless ways to use the app creatively to engage your audience. Allowing a customer to react positively to a business that’s available 24/7 will keep them involved and invested in your business.

create an app for salon

It doesn’t cost that much to create an app

Creating a mobile application for your business doesn’t have to considerably eat into your profits. Depending on the type of application you’re seeking to make, costs can be kept relatively low. Websites like Clutch.com have put together a list of top app developers based in the UK, allowing you to gauge the cost and time for your future app.

Other sites even allow you to virtually custom-make your app, calculating how much your app might cost:

app for beauty salons

Value for your customers

The main goal of your mobile app is to build customer loyalty and retain business, ultimately resulting in steady revenue. There are many possibilities to integrate customer loyalty within the app that will result in a steady income. Mobile applications have been on the forefront of advertising and building customer relations for many years, becoming a key component for any commerce company to have. The decision you make regarding an app will set the foundation for the future of your business.

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