Salons Are Putting Children’s Lives At Risk


The BBC has found that hairdressing salons are putting children’s lives at risk because they are not following guidelines on hair dye products.

According to the industry’s professional body and manufacturers, absolutely no dye products should be used on under 16s. However, a 12-year-old who went undercover was offered colouring appointments at SIXTEEN salons.

It’s stated that everyone, whether it be a home dye kit of a professional salon, must carry out a patch test as allergic reactions can be fatal. Donna Wailbank – owner of a salon in Brynmawr, Wales – says she has seen a growing number of her own clients having reactions to skin tests. “We’re used to normally seeing perhaps one reaction a year,” she said, “but since May we’ve seen three. It’s quite scary to think, had that service been carried out without them having the skin test, what could’ve happened.”

Hair council representative for Wales, Shirley Davis, says she is appalled at the results obtained from the secret filming.

“Everyone within the industry is trying to professionalise it and we have salons that are actually contemplating colouring a young person’s hair. If they did something with this young girl and she had an anaphylactic shock, she could die – that’s how serious it is.”


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