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Salon Gold Sits Down with Award-Winning Hair Dresser, Martyn Maxey


Having scooped Hair Salon of the Year in the London Hair and Beauty Awards for a second year running, the Martyn Maxey Salon is renowned for its dedication to making its clients look stunning with the absolute best cut and colour combination.

Founded by Martyn Maxey himself in 1991 – a dynamic and ambitious hairdresser – the Mayfair based Salon has established an unrivaled reputation as one of the UK’s leading Hair and beauty salons, attracting a loyal and continuously growing client base.

A clear influencer within the hair and beauty sector, Salon Gold were fortunate enough to steal 5 minutes of Martyn’s time to gain insight into the latest hair products and trends, whilst understanding more about why he commenced his career in hairdressing and what it takes to build an industry-leading salon in today’s competitive market place:

What three products do your clients love? 

At the moment, the following three are extremely popular amongst our client base and are certainly three products that I would recommend for use:

  • Moroccan oil
  • Tecni Art Volumizing spray
  • Sebastian Twisted shampoo

What brands are on your radar right now?

In modern society our hair is exposed to a host of styling products which can actually damage the hair.  Both Moroccan oil and Shu Uemura are great brands that produce top products, which can help repair this damage.

What is the top requested hairstyle at the moment? 

I actually wouldn’t say that there is a defining hairstyle at the moment – people almost seem a little lost.

What are the top hair trends for 2019 so far? 

From my perspective, anything with fringes are coming back creating a sharper and more defined look.

Martyn Maxey with a client

What are the common problems that come with being a hair stylist/hairdresser?  

It’s not really a problem, but I would say people telling you things that they normally would never reveal under any other social circumstance. As hairdressers, we often hear about the details of people’s private lives and want to ensure we can provide the best response or advice possible, which can be difficult.

Where do you find your inspiration for new products/styles? 

Mostly from films to be honest. From a media perspective I would have to say Bazaar Magazine, which is by far the best magazine for fashion at the moment.

What inspired you to work within the hair industry?  

Believe it or not, I actually fell into it by accident. But on starting my initial role, I knew this was the right career path for me.

What would you say is the top 3 most important things to running a salon? 


Being Prepared to work long-hours.


Martyn Maxey winning an award

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