The top three ways to get new clients through the door

By Caroline Sanderson on April 15th, 2022

Caroline Sanderson isn’t just an awarding winning Salon owner and founder of business consultancy Salon Jedi, she’s also one our new Salon Gold Superstars – a new panel of mentors ready to offer the advice you need, whenever you ask. This month Caroline is responding to ‘How does my business get new clients through the door?’ Read on or watch Caroline’s video.

Caroline has welcomed 2000 new clients through her salon doors in the last three months. Here’s the three step process she recommends to achieve similar results.

Step One – Referral Club

Caroline says “Create a referral club that is visible in your salon and talked about by your staff on a daily basis. Make it structured, easy to understand and give it a cool name that customers will find easy to remember. Definitely don’t call it a ‘Referral Scheme’. Club, or even better, VIP Club makes your customers feel that they are part of something. Once you have decided on the name, think about what rewards you will offer. You need to make sure that you are rewarding both the existing and the new customer. Here is an example: we encourage 9 referrals from each customer. Each customer gets £10 credited into their account for every referral and each new customer they bring gets £10 off their service. We communicate our Club through posters in the salon, on the website and in social media and of course our staff talk about it. We post signs on all those platforms that say ‘Ask us how to get your next service for free’. It’s the perfect opener to share more information about our referral rewards. Choose a mechanism that works with your strategy, it doesn’t have to be discounts or money off, it can be added value such as product.

Step Two – Get Google working for you

Caroline says “Get savvy about key words on your website. Your website shouldn’t just be a nice looking business card, it should be a proactive tool to grow your business. Take the time to register with Google Business and make sure your salon is appearing on location maps when someone Googles ‘Salon near me’. Take time to research what people are Googling to find services like yours eg Beauty Salon Birmingham and make sure that you are ranking highly for those words and phrases. All of that traffic will turn into enquiries and potential new business.”

Step Three – Pay to play on Facebook

Caroline says “I don’t invest hours of time creating content for social media. I create Facebook ads that are strategic, that shout about the salon and our expertise and the services we offer. Adverts can be tracked directly to income. I’ve previously invested in ads that cost me as little as £5 and have returned as much as £1000 in revenue. For a successful advert you need a great image or video to stop the scroll, a hard hitting headline to grab attention (I put mine in all caps and add some emoji’s), some stand out copy shouting about your expertise and then…a call to action! Don’t forget the call to action. That’s what you want the potential customer to do in response to the add – go to your website, call, message.”

If you would like Caroline to answer your question then just drop us an email at You can find Caroline at Salon Jedi.

Caroline Sanderson

Caroline Sanderson is the founder of Salon Jedi and has spent the past 10 years coaching salon professionals in how to grow their salon business by upgrading not just their marketing and business skills but upgrading their mindset. Caroline is also a Salon Gold Superstar.

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