How to promote your new aesthetic treatments to get new clients into your salon or spa

By Lucy Hilson on March 14th, 2023

Last month, Cosmetic PR founder Lucy Hilson outlined the treatments to add to your salon or spa menu to quickly add revenue – here she gives a rundown of how to promote your new menu and bag lots of new clients!

Case studies

You’ve done your research, you’ve tested out the best options on the market, you’ve signed on the dotted line and you’ve trained with your team. But before you launch your exciting new treatment in your salon or spa, I’d recommend trying it out on family and friends first to get some quality before & after images; and testimonials you can use in marketing your device. You could even offer discounted / free treatments as part of a model day, where your team can practice on your customers, and you can use all content created during that time to promote your aesthetic offerings online.

Social media is key in raising awareness for your business, the treatments you offer, the results you can achieve and your USPs. Collecting and creating impactful before and after images – as well as lots of video content that can be used for educational / informative reels, is an important consideration.

A few tips to consider when creating effective before & after shots for social media:

  • Try to use the same camera for all content creation… consistency is key – whether you use a digital camera or your smartphone, using the same camera for both your before & after shots ensures the quality is consistent across both images.
  • Make sure the shot is well-lit – natural light can work well, but I’d recommend investing in a ring light or soft box lights to ensure you always have good lighting – and that it’s consistent. Keeping the shot well lit will help people see the “before” and the “after” properly and show that you aren’t trying to shadow or hide anything.
  • Keep the background plain & simple – always snap your shots against a plain background; a pure white backdrop works well. A collapsible backdrop is ideal if you don’t have much space. If you have room for a dedicated photography area, consider investing in a backdrop stand. There shouldn’t be anything visible in the background of your photos. Take all your before and after shots against the same backdrop, for consistency.
  • Keep the angles consistent – make sure your client is standing the same way in each photo. Try to get various shots; including face on, side profile (one each way), and a three-quarter angle. Ask the patient to look at a focal point in the room, such as a picture or a marking. This will ensure their eyes look in the same direction in each photo.
  • Less is more with editing – some minor editing can help enhance your photos, but less is more. I’d recommend software such as Adobe Lightroom to make subtle enhancements, such as brightening the images. Always make sure your images are identical in editing, and never “airbrush” or try to improve the results by doctoring the photo. Filters are a no-no! Canva has some easy to use templates to place your images side by side – and you can also drag in your spa or salon’s logo to watermark and brand your photos.

The launch

How will you promote your new device, and get word of your expanded treatment menu out to prospective customers in the local area?

A launch event is a great way of introducing your clients to your new aesthetic treatments – and another great opportunity to create some effective social media content; creating an online buzz and exposure simultaneously! Your event could be anything from a breakfast, an evening event or a full day of treatment demos and discounted introductory offers. Gift bags with branded promotional materials, mini-treatment demos, discounts, limited time offers and inviting local influencers or celebrities along are all effective strategies in marketing your clinic and creating buzz surrounding your expansion into aesthetics.

Other considerations:

  • Promotional posters and POS – displaying promotional signs around your salon or spa is an effective way to introduce your new treatment(s) to your existing customers, prompting conversations on your foray into aesthetics in an organic manner.
  • Newsletter marketing – do you send out regular newsletters and digital marketing materials to your client database? These communications are a great way of keeping clients up-to-date with everything that’s going on at your spa or salon – be sure to include lots of call to actions throughout your content (such as encouraging your readers to ‘click here for more information’) to garner engagement and interest.
  • Social media marketing – get social! Schedule regular posts, stories and reels talking about your new aesthetic treatments – it might be worth paying to boost popular posts on Instagram and Facebook to get them seen by more people in the local area; and maximise their reach.
  • Update your website – one of those admin tasks that can often get pushed to the bottom of your list, but make sure you update the treatment menu and booking system on your website. You never know who’s looking – and prospective customers can’t book your exciting new treatments if they don’t know they exist!
  • Word of mouth marketing – encourage your team, friends, family, followers etc to spread the word about your new aesthetic treatment(s.) Social shares and word of mouth recommendations can go a long way… and they’re free!

If you have any questions about further support, developing your beauty business or PR / marketing services, please contact to arrange a discovery call.

Lucy Hilson

Lucy is an award-winning PR agency owner, communication strategist, and aesthetics expert, dedicated to helping businesses succeed by developing and executing strategic communication and branding initiatives.

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