How to maximise your marketing this summer

By Mike Waldon on June 3rd, 2024

With summer just around the corner, now is a great time to re-look at your salon marketing campaign, update it for the new season and ensure you’re attracting and retaining clients with your marketing activity. Below, Mike Waldon, General Manager At ISalon shares a few beneficial ways to use your salon marketing throughout summer to increase salon footfall…

Targeted marketing campaigns

Targeted marketing campaigns to clients including special offers are a great way to encourage new clients through the door and to keep current clients coming back to the salon time and time again. With the help of a salon software system like iSalon, you can easily create newsletters with easy-to-use templates. By being tailored to a specific client or group of clients, this will attract these clients on a more personal level, provide them with the content they are interested in and increase customer satisfaction. For clients who may not have visited the salon in a while, it can be a good idea to provide them with a specific special offer ‘We Miss You’ newsletter with a discount/offer at the salon as an incentive to encourage them to book in soon. 

Regular newsletters

Alongside personalised newsletter campaigns, regular newsletters are also important, as these help you to stay in touch with your clients more regularly, inform them of what is going on in the salon, any salon news, discounts/offers, new services, new team members etc, making them feel like they are part of the salon family! This will help to nurture relationships with past clients, build loyalty and trust.

Text messaging

Another fantastic way to stay in touch with your clients, retain current clients and attract new clients. Promotional offers and personalised messages can encourage clients to visit your salon rather than visiting a competitor salon and appointment reminders can dramatically reduce no-shows (by 60% on average). At iSalon we have some fantastic, automated templates that allow you to set it and forget it, ensuring these texts are always kept on top of without you having to schedule any additional time away from your regular workload and the salon floor.

Beautifully designed mobile-responsive websites

A website is so important when it comes to attracting new clients. A website, alongside your salon social media platforms, works as a ‘second window’ and therefore should always be kept up to date, looking fresh, exciting and engaging. At iSalon, not only can we help you to create an attractive website and keep this updated, but we can also provide an online easy to use booking system/portal, whereby clients can book online in a couple of steps in a couple of minutes. This prevents them having to call the salon and instead, they can book their salon appointments easily and quickly in the comfort of their own home (or from out and about anywhere!).

Loyalty and referral cards

Loyalty and referral cards are fantastic marketing tools. These can be digital or physical cards and will not only offer value to clients, but they will improve client retention, encourage more frequent visits from regular clients and they will also encourage your clients to spread word of mouth about your business to their friends and family members. This is a cost-effective marketing strategy which can lead to fast growth for your salon and increased profits. As part of a package with iSalon, we can create these easily for your salon, saving you time and extra investment.

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