How To Market Your Salon On Facebook – Find Your Custom Audience

By Caroline Sanderson on June 8th, 2020

As we’re getting closer each week to lockdown being lifted, now is the ideal time to share part 2 of our ‘Facebook Audiences’ blog.  

While you’ve still got time to be able to think about marketing your business, there’s no time like the present to prepare your online presence!

In part 2 of our Facebook marketing series, Caroline Sanderson, founder of Salon Jedi, tells us how to find your custom audience. Caroline has spent the past 10 years coaching salon professionals in how to grow their salon business by upgrading not just their marketing and business skills but upgrading their mindset.
She’s renowned for turning pennies into lots of pounds through her Facebook marketing campaigns, read on and you’ll see how…

We talked about Facebook interest based audience in the last blog and this time it’s Custom Audiences.

This is when you can create an audience of people who have already interacted with you in different ways online, for example, people who’ve visited your website, engaged with your facebook or instagram pages or messaged your business page among others. You can even import a list of your best customers creating a ‘customer file’ custom audience and if they have facebook accounts you can run ads specifically to them.

You can add a thing called a facebook pixel on your website.
What’s a pixel? It’s a piece of code Facebook generates for you to put on your website and if any visitors to your site have a facebook account then the pixel can follow them around inside facebook and you can remarket adverts to them.

Let’s use wedding hair as an example again. They visit your website’s wedding hair page but take no action – they are just looking for ideas. When they go back on Facebook they see your wedding advert showing your expertise, testimonials and maybe an irresistible reason to visit for a trial that month. Now you are building familiarity with your prospect. Your prospect needs more than one exposure to your marketing message before they feel ready to buy so this is a great way of increasing your chances of the booking.

Don’t ask me how a pixel works, I’m no techie, I’m just happy it does because it means we have another shot at marketing to our website visitors that visit our sites but don’t become a customer rather than losing them.

You can go into your ads manager account and find pixel and set it up following the instructions or go to and get someone to do it for you super cheap. You can also find lots of youtube tutorials on how to do it.

If your prospect on your site then sees an advert for your salon on Facebook when they are already aware of you, they are more likely to become a buyer. Think of it as marketing to a warm prospect who has heard of you rather than a cold audience who has never heard of you.

Your Facebook pixel can track people who have visited your website in the last 180 days or less.

You can also create a custom audience of people who have watched your videos on your Facebook Page, or people who have visited or engaged with your Facebook or Instagram pages.

If you have run events you can create an audience of people who’ve gone to your event page. When marketing to a warm custom audience the cost of your marketing goes down to remarket to them.

I run all my Facebook Adverts with the FREE Business Manager tool which you will find at which gives me more control and options when running ads.

In the next blog we will cover Lookalike Audiences.

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Caroline Sanderson

Caroline Sanderson is the founder of Salon Jedi and has spent the past 10 years coaching salon professionals in how to grow their salon business by upgrading not just their marketing and business skills but upgrading their mindset. Caroline is also a Salon Gold Superstar.

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