How To Introduce Aesthetic Treatments into Your Spa or Salon

By Lucy Hilson on February 3rd, 2023

If you’re a spa or salon owner looking to expand your treatment menu and cater to a larger demographic, now’s the perfect time to consider introducing aesthetic treatments to your business.

The term ‘aesthetic treatments’ can be daunting… but it doesn’t need to be. Advanced skin treatments (such as facials, micro-needling & chemical peels, for example) have the ability to transform your business; giving you a quick, profitable return on investment (ROI.) How? Where should you start? We spoke to Lucy Hilson, founder at Cosmetic PR…

How can aesthetic treatments level-up your beauty business?

Aesthetic treatments are everywhere you turn in modern-day culture. Open Instagram & you’ll see influencers and celebs enjoying facials at their favourite spa. Newspapers and online news sites are full of skin / aesthetic tips, trends and clinics to try… and it’s impossible to open a magazine these days without seeing at least one article on anti-ageing skincare, treatments to beat wrinkles or the latest celeb-favourite tweakment.

The aesthetics sector has boomed in popularity in recent years – with Global Market Insights ( predicting that this multi-billion pounds industry will grow by 18.5% annually between now and 2032. Customers are demanding non-surgical solutions at unprecedented rates, with treatments such as advanced medical facials and injectables becoming mainstream conversation; a far cry from the taboo and stigma that previously surrounded these topics.

If you don’t already offer aesthetic treatments in your spa or salon, introducing these popular procedures to your menu can help bring in new customers, retain existing clients and keep your business current; demonstrating your ability to adapt and evolve in order to cater to current demand and trends.

Key considerations

Thinking of adding aesthetic treatments to your spa or salon? Don’t feel you have to go all in and start offering everything, immediately as this could alienate your existing clients (and not be wise from a financial standpoint, either!) Think about your target audience and your typical customer and what they like about your business. What draws them to your salon or spa, and why do they love it? It might be worth creating a short survey, or running a series of Instagram polls to collect answers and gain deeper insight.

Once you understand your current demographic, you can start planning your foray into aesthetic treatments accordingly. What is the demand from your clients – would they like to see more advanced skin treatments on the menu? Perhaps they’d like to see some body contouring solutions, or cellulite treatments? Ask the question, and use these insights to research appropriate options.

An important note to add here: I’ll be talking about non-invasive, non-surgical solutions in this article, all of which can achieve maximum results with minimal risk. But if, after compiling research and speaking to your clientele, you decide you’d like to offer injectables (such as Botox or dermal fillers) further down the line, opt to partner with a medically trained practitioner who can offer these services as part of your clinics; instead of being tempted to take a crash course and offer them yourself. Complications can and do occur with injectable treatments, and the risk that this poses to your salon or spa (not to mention your client’s health!) outweighs any benefit.

For the face:

Introducing treatments such as chemical peels and micro-needling is a great way to gradually add aesthetics to your treatment menu. Other trending procedures include dermaplaning, LED light therapy, laser hair removal and high-frequency facials to name just a few!

Invest in technology and devices

A few examples of popular treatment devices ideal to expand your treatment menu are:

The HydraFacial – HydraFacials are huge in the world of aesthetics, and one of the most popular non-invasive facials across the globe. Even Beyoncé is reportedly a fan! Recent stats indicate that 1 HydraFacial treatment is performed every 15 seconds globally… with over 2 million booked annually. These effective treatments deliver instant results, and combine multiple technologies into 45-60 minute slots which can be customised to suit your customer’s individual skin concerns. This treatment is a great one to introduce for anyone new to the world of aesthetics, as once your clients see the incredible results achieved by your new, advanced technology, they’ll be hooked!

Laser treatments – be these laser hair removal devices (such as Soprano’s range of targeted, body-hair busting lasers) or IPL skin optimising treatments such as Lumecca. Laser treatments are versatile, non-invasive and carry little-to-no downtime. Lumecca from InMode is an all-rounder which can banish hyperpigmentation, sun damage and thread veins (as well as treating acne and conditions such as Rosacea) in as little as 1-3 treatments, creating incredibly effective, dramatic before and after transformations that are great to share on social media.

LED light therapy treatments – I love LED masks, and DermaLux light therapy devices are an excellent add-on to your existing treatment menu – as well as fantastic facial treatments in their own right. DermaLux LED treatments are great to offer following procedures such as micro-needling, or other advanced facials; as they help reduce inflammation and redness, as well as promoting skin healing. Another great combination treatment you can market to your customers is the dynamic duo of DermaLux LED Light Therapy and the HydraFacial – finishing your customer’s HydraFacial experience with a little relaxation time under the LED device. Premium HydraFacials, combining your new pieces of tech, are another great way to increase your profit margins.

Multi-use devices & all-rounders – building on my last point of combination treatments, multi-use devices such as the SKN Rehab multi-function system are a fantastic way to introduce more advanced facial types to your salon… offering multiple technologies that can be combined in a multitude of ways, powered by one platform. The SKN Rehab device combines 5 technologies which can be used together for the SKN Rehab Signature Facial and which can also be used individually, as supplementary add-ons to your existing treatments. This is an excellent way to really open up and expand on your treatment menu,, allowing you to create multiple treatment options and add ons.

For the body:

Non-invasive body contouring treatments (which are super popular with celebrities and influencers across the globe) such as CoolSculpting, EmSculpt and EvolveX are perfect, complementary pieces of technology to really expand your offerings. Aesthetic procedures aren’t limited to the face – with the Lumecca and HydraFacial treatments mentioned above also suitable for use on the body.

CoolSculpting – if you’ve heard of fat freezing, you’ve heard of CoolSculpting! CoolSculpting targets stubborn areas of fat that exercise alone can’t shift (such as belly fat, love handles, bingo wings, muffin tops & more!), exposing them to cold temperatures to ‘freeze’ fat cells. The frozen fat is then broken down by the body, and naturally flushed out, with results seen in a few sessions.
EMSculpt – as loved by the Kardashians, EMSculpt is a treatment that uses electric muscle stimulation (EMS) to tone muscle, build definition and burn fat via electromagnetic pulses. It’s typically used on the buttocks for a non-surgical butt-lifting effect, on the abdomen to tone the stomach area and on the thighs / arms for a muscle defining, toning effect. Results are usually seen within 3-4 weeks, after a course of treatments.

EvolveX – EvolveX from InMode uses a combination of radio-frequency (RF) energy and EMS to target fatty tissue, remodel skin and tone muscle – a totally hands-free solution. One of the newest body contouring solutions to arrive in the UK, EvolveX is already loved by A-List Hollywood starlets such as Eva Longoria – with its Tite, Tone and Transform applicators allowing you to create bespoke treatment plans for your customers to best suit their needs.

Insider tips:

Try before you buy! Spend some time researching and trying out the most popular treatments on the market… don’t just buy into the hype! There’s a huge range of devices, brands and non-invasive treatments out there, but doing your research before purchasing or leasing a device is definitely recommended. Many of these devices and systems have lots of influencer endorsements, PR & marketing behind them but this doesn’t necessarily mean they’re the best solution for you. Try them out, see the results and the treatment process for yourself… shop around and compare all available options. Ask your friends & family, ask your clients – market research is key, and will be a huge factor in the success of your first foray into aesthetics.

You should also think about the ££ investment for your salon when considering treatments to add to your menu. The device you choose should be low maintenance and low cost to run (but not necessarily to purchase, because you pay for quality.) Consider factors such as consumables and how often you’ll need to order them to offer your chosen treatment(s.) I’d also suggest looking for clinical evidence of the device’s efficiency and effectiveness, making sure the provider you go with has a good support team to help with training and any other questions you may have.

Once you’ve committed and purchased a machine

The number one key thing to consider once the decision and purchase / lease agreement is made, is training. You and your team (whoever will be doing the treatment) will need to undergo training on how to operate the device – how to use it safely and effectively with customers. Your training should include contraindications, pre and post treatment information and patient safety indicators, giving you the key information you’ll need to get from your clients and discuss during their pre-treatment consultation. Quite often, clinical trainers will come to your salon to train with you, but sometimes you’ll need to visit their headquarters to have your training – all things to consider and ask before you sign that agreement!

Internally – don’t forget to update and review your insurance policies.

Next month I’ll be looking at how you can promote your new services, but if you have any questions in the meantime about further support, developing your beauty business or PR / marketing services, please contact to arrange a discovery call.

Lucy Hilson

Lucy is an award-winning PR agency owner, communication strategist, and aesthetics expert, dedicated to helping businesses succeed by developing and executing strategic communication and branding initiatives.

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