How Tech Savvy is your Salon? Streamline your processes and improve efficiencies with these top tips

By Emily Kaye on November 13th, 2018

From digital booking systems to online reviews, technology has transformed how salons operate in recent years.

In fact, aside from the actual service offering in hair cutting or beauty treatments, there is very little technology has not tackled for Salon Owners. So, why is it many still rely on a hefty A4 diary with pencilled in appointments, or word of mouth referrals to secure new business?

The digital age has transformed how we operate in society, and for Salon Owners tech can streamline processes, improve efficiencies and save costs too:

Digital Reviews

A recent survey showed that 72% of customers will take positive action towards a business after reading positive reviews, not only that but they are also willing to spend 31% more on a business with excellent reviews.

Asking your clients to share digital reviews either via Facebook or Google is one sure way of harnessing the power of technology to drive new business. Remember, your website and resulting reviews act as your digital shop window, so it’s important to take as much time curating this as your actual high-street presence.

Social Media Platforms

In January 2018, the total number of active social media users in the UK amounted to an incredible 44 million. Keeping pace with Social Media trends and how users engage with businesses via platforms like Facebook and Instagram will be key for growth and continued success.

When choosing the right platform for you, there are a number of things to consider, such as your core target age demographic, what platform they use the most and what types of content they like to see or share. We suggest choosing 2 – 3 core social media platforms, such as Facebook and Instagram, and taking the time to do them well. If you need some pointers, check out our recent blog on how to use Instagram to market your salon here.

Specialist Software Systems

If you haven’t invested in a specialist salon software system, now is the time to start.

From effectively managing client records and appointments, including the generation of automated appointment reminders, to enabling you to accurately manage stock levels, there are a number of specific software solutions for Salon Owners on the market, and they certainly prove their worth.

Some solutions also include integration with your till and billing system, together with dedicated reporting so you can analyse the performance of your team members as well as product sales to understand exactly what does or doesn’t sell.

For larger businesses with multiple sites, salon management software can offer a complete overview of your entire business, whilst enabling you to understand which locations are performing best and why.

Spot-On Hair Colour Management

Did you know that there are now tried and tested tech solutions for mixing hair colours?

A notable tech example is SureTint, which not only measures, mixes and tracks all colours dispensed in real-time, but also enables you to store colour formulas for every single client.

For salon owners, this tech solution can speed up the colour process, reduce wastage, monitor stock levels and overall save costs. A hit in the States, it may become key to all UK salon operations in years to come.

Smartphone apps

Customer service focused apps have increased dramatically in recent years, enabling businesses to increase consumer engagement whilst saving time, cost and resource on day-to-day administration duties.

That said, have you thought about developing your very own salon app? Here, customers could book directly, benefit from a loyalty programme, download exclusive discounts or even upload their desired looks.

Creating your own app enables you to form your own digital community, likely to engage and retain your customers for the long term.

How tech savvy is your salon? Share your comments with us via the Salon Gold Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages.

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Emily Kaye

Emily is a UX Designer at Salon Gold. She has years of professional experience working in different areas of design and is a skilled photographer.

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