Building a brand – How to stand out & make clients want you

By Cally Borg on March 1st, 2024

Cally Borg is owner of Cally Borg Hair in Reigate, and she built an impressive client list of thousands in lockdown purely through online marketing of her personal brand. Alongside her busy column, Cally mentors other hairstylists to build their brand and a lifestyle business that suits them. She shares her secrets to nailing what makes you stand out.

Creating a personal brand has been essential for me to help clients to understand my field of expertise, and to attract those clients that are right for my business. I set up my home salon after becoming burnt out as a single parent working as a session stylist – incredible on paper as I was working with celebs and on magazine shoots, but actually really impractical with my childcare and work life balance needs. Something had to change! By marketing myself as The Lifestyle Hairstylist, stressing my business’ core values – one to one service in a beautiful private environment with the top sustainable products and free parking, but keeping to the hours I wanted to work, I’ve attracted clients who want this style of service. I don’t want to work weekends or outside school hours, so I need clients who understand that.

A unique brand stands out to your audience, which is why nailing your brand is so important – if you have a brand ethos and identity completely unique to you you will attract the right client base and that’s a win win! Working is much more enjoying when you have a client base who are invested in you and what you have to offer because your values align. So, don’t post men’s cuts on Instagram if you want to do blonde balayage – you’ll attract what you put out.

So where do you start?

Write down what’s important to you, what’s your ethos or company values, what do you want to be known for? What colours / styles, textures / fonts represent your message? For example if we look at Sophia Hilton, her branding is very bold, confident, colourful, playful, it’s instantly recognised as her brand being known for vivid colours and being a little controversial, she’s not afraid to say what she thinks, be who she is and her brand represents that. Personally, I think she’s nailed her identity through her branding.

It’s a lot easier to create branding that showcases your field of expertise by niching down, focusing on your core services. You can’t be an expert in everything so what do you want to be known for? Vivid colours? Balayages? Edgy cuts? Barbering? When you know your niche you can focus on promoting those.

You can capitalise on brand partnerships to enhance your brand ethos, so as a sustainable salon I have partnered with Leaf scissors as an ambassador, O&M and Nine Yards because their products are high performance but sustainable – and in my mentoring I focus on educating freelancers and home salon owners to boss it with balance, because that’s what I’m expert in.

If you have a team, it’s essential to involve them and make sure they fully understand your brand’s core values and work with them to fully represent the brand.

Once you’ve established your brand, get your clients to perpetuate it by asking for reviews and recommendations. I have found Google reviews and social media have been key in new clients finding us for the first time, for example in local town Facebook groups, people will ask if anyone recommends a hair stylist, and we will be tagged lots of times which doesn’t only attract the customer asking but also intrigues others who see the post to check us out! Our clients tend to be specific about what they love about the salon which means new clients already have an idea of what to expect before they come.

For more info on Cally Borg, visit or follow @thelifestylehairstylist 

Cally Borg

Cally Borg is a an award-winning hairdresser with a luxury home salon in Reigate. Cally is also an editorial hairdresser, Art Team member and mentor for the industry.

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