Bounce Back Challenge: How To Target Your Ideal Salon Client


Award-winning salon owner Caroline Sanderson heads up the Salon Jedi Coaching Academy, and is author of a new book, ‘The Ultimate Business Bible for Ambitious Salon Owners’ available on Amazon. Caroline’s latest awards include Most Wanted Business Thinker and BHBA Salon of the Year 1, but things weren’t always so rosy – she was on the brink of closing her salon doors back in 2009 before she turned it around using mindset and marketing strategies.

Caroline is sharing some top tips with her 5 FAST Money Making Strategies on her Bounce Back Challenge which you can join from the 3rd to the 7th of May for just £1 per day. Many salons have already taken the challenge and immediately seen an increase in profitability by implementing these easy-to-follow strategies:

Here’s a taster of what to expect with Caroline’s advice on targeting your ideal client…

Knowing your ideal client, or ‘avatar’, is essential to your marketing as your message is essentially written for them. You can create an ideal client avatar and be very specific about who this person is. This doesn’t mean they will be the only type of client you will attract; it just means you are writing your messaging to attract the right clients.

Knowing whom you want to attract helps with your pricing. If you decide to target a premium ideal client avatar, maybe a busy, professional female within the 40-60 brackets, you know they will be on a good salary and value premium services and indulgence. This then allows you to put a premium price tag on your services, as this type of client wouldn’t view discounts and low pricing as a high quality service. In fact, the higher the price, the more special they will feel.

I often see salon owners make the mistake of targeting premium clients with heavily discounted services, I call it ‘death by discounting’. This attracts the wrong kinds of customer, and although I am not against reductions, they have to be presented in the right way with a strategy behind them. An example of this could be if a customer is buying a bundle and spending a large amount in one go.

Looking carefully at your marketing materials is extremely important when targeting specific clients. If you’re going for the premium client as mentioned before, your marketing materials and messaging need to look premium for them to even consider booking an appointment.

Look at what social media platforms they use and publications they read as this is where you’re going to want to target your marketing. Choose your top 3 marketing platforms and focus your energy there. This strategy allows you to position yourself correctly and create a marketing strategy that looks the part, showcasing you in the best possible way.

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