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Hello there! Welcome to the very first issue of theHUB magazine. We wanted to create a digital format that will inform and inspire busy, creative professionals (that’s you!). Scroll through and click to read features from our Salon Gold Superstar mentors such as ‘Is it really worth entering awards?’. Check in with our exclusive interview with This Morning beauty presenter Keeks Reid and catch up on tips dealing with client complaints. Don’t forget to enter this month’s competition to win a premium professional shampoo and conditioner from EquiBotanics – make sure you follow @salongoldinsurance, like and comment to win.

So, we’ve made it to the midpoint of the year already. How’s it going so far? Are you are struggling with a problem in your business? Need advice but don’t know where to turn? Tell us at members@salongold.co.uk  and we’ll ask our Salon Gold Superstar mentors to help. Got a success to share? Then drop us an email or reach out on our FB and IG pages. theHUB is here to share your stories and celebrate your news with the rest of the Salon Gold community because together, we’re stronger!

See you in August.
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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Akeisha Reid of Beauty on This Morning

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Natalie Farrow

We love our Salon Gold community! This month we’re dropping in on Natalie Farrow and sharing her story…

Natalie Farrow 1

“I own Golden Triangle Nails which opened in Norwich in 2016. The name comes from my home-based salon being in the “golden triangle” of Norwich. My interest in nails started from a young age but didn’t become my profession until later in life after I had my first daughter. The focus and determination that being a parent had given me, provided the inspiration to turn my interest into a career. With a lot of salons in Norwich I was worried about starting a business in a competitive City but faith and determination kept me motivated. The business soon picked up and word was spreading about my small business. I have always had an interest in art and being creative, so this really complemented the artistic approach needed to become a successful nail technician. Creating freehand nail art is an absolute passion of mine and I pride myself on the designs I produce.

During the many lockdowns I found it a real struggle. I missed my work but also the one-to-one interaction with my clients. The rapport you build with each client is essential, therefore losing this created a massive gap in my life during a difficult time which tested me mentally.

During the first lockdown I spent my time perfecting nail art techniques and taking part in lots of nail art tutorials. I loved that I could still do what I enjoyed whilst everyone struggled globally with various economic challenges. My nail art board was produced throughout this lockdown and now has pride of place in my salon.

By the time the second lockdown came around I knew I needed to carry on with my passion for nails and offer something extra to my clients. It was then that I decided to start the second part of my business, Press On Nails. New and existing client feedback on this product introduction went down an absolute storm, with clients being able to enjoy new nail designs without leaving the house. These are still very popular today especially with people who do not live in close proximity to Norwich or for re-usable one-off occasions. For me this is something positive that came out of the many months of uncertainty within the constantly evolving pandemic. Now that normal working conditions have resumed, business has been fantastic. I know this isn’t the case for everyone, so I am truly grateful for everyone who has supported me in any way that they can.

My small business is booming and I couldn’t be happier. I now see more clients than ever and my nail art flair is stronger than ever. I am continuing to learn new skills and processes to improve the services my clients receive, to ensure I stay ahead of the competition while ensuring not only new, but especially each existing client, feels valued. Golden Triangle Nails uses builder gels and gel polish on natural nails only by focusing on this particular target market I can ensure my results are consistent and reliable.

I am still as in love with my job now as ever. Thank you to everyone who supports me, you are keeping my dream alive!”

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Jessica Saysell

We also chat to Jessica, another Salon Gold member, and we walk with her through the highs and lows of her long journey…

Jessica Saysell 1

“I have always had a passion for all things beauty related. As a teen I would often be the one to do my friends’ hair and make-up. In 2014 I was researching beauty trends and I came across Microblading. After my training I set up my business, at the time I was called Microblading by Jessica and for around a year I worked from home alongside my full-time job. As a complete beginner and only attending a 2-day course, I had some major setbacks with healed brow results that were not the best and this really knocked my confidence. For a while I gave up on Microblading. Fast forward to 2018… I hated my full-time job and I realised I have this other career path that I could be enjoying and earning much more money as well. So, I decided to start from scratch again. I attended a brow shape and tint course and practised my microblading and I finally became confident. I started working at a salon two days a week to build my clients and continued to add treatments. I mainly did Microblading and Ombre brows. I relaunched myself as Jessica Saysell Aesthetics. In early 2019 I attended college and was doing my L3 in Beauty Therapy. I will never forget that as part of this course we had to write a business plan of where we saw ourselves in five years’ time.

My plan was to open my own salon and to be a trainer. I had a built a large client base and I decided it was time to spread my wings and open my own salon…House of Allure Aesthetics and Beauty was born. This was such a beautiful salon in the city centre. I had girls who worked alongside me and we offered all things beauty. I started studying to become a trainer and whilst doing so I worked at three different training academies across the UK which was such a great experience.

Sadly, Covid hit in 2020 and this had a massive impact on me as I had only been open for eight months before having to close. In 2021 I decided to close the salon after investing so much money and my dreams were shattered. During lockdown I became pregnant with my second son and he was born in January 2021. During this time myself and a good friend of mine who is also in the industry, joined forces and opened our own training academy… The Academy of Aesthetics and Beauty. I built a studio in my house and it was the best decision. I’ve worked in a salon, I’ve owned a salon and honestly working from home has never made me happier. It’s bizarre, as years ago it was something I said I would never do.

Behind all of this and my journey to I am now I am a mother of 2 boys; Tommy 10 and Tristan 15 months old. I have done so much over the past years and had many set backs but this made me just want to learn more.

I have spent so many hours on learning and developing my skills and I now have a successful training academy where I get to share my knowledge with students and teach them my skills. I am very lucky to be an Ambassador for Lash Factor and I also work with Mrs.Higbrow and Dyotics teaching brand-related courses for them in the UK. I always support fellow business owners and any newcomers to the industry. I am lucky to have the knowledge I do, from all the years of experience I now have. I have some more plans that are currently on my dream board but for now I am enjoying working from home and spending time with my family.”

Give yourself a shout-out and share your story with the rest of the Salon Gold community — just drop us a line at members@salongold.co.uk.

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As Oprah says “Create the highest grandest vision possible for your life, because you become what you believe.”

How to make a vision board!

Whether you believe in the Law of Attraction or not creating a vision board is a fantastic way to keep your goals and aspirations top of mind. Hey if it works for Oprah, it may well work for you. A vision board is essentially a digital or physical snapshot of what you want to be present in your life. Images, key words and colours can all help to ignite your emotions and focus your mind.

Here are a few simple steps:

  • Sit quietly and reflect. Consider what really matters in the next 1/5/10 years. Just be clear about the time frame you want. Choose short term or long term.
  • Get dreaming. This is YOUR VISION so don’t limit yourself. Experiences, those amazing shoes you are pining for, a new car, a trip to Bali. If it’s important to you then put it on the list.
  • Gather your images. Break out those old mags and grab the scissors or hunt Google pics. Choose images that best reflect your list and ones that you find beautiful and inspirational. Add single words or short phrases, quotes or memes. Arrange your content in any way that appeals to you.
  • Put it where you can see it. Put your vision board where you see it constantly…in your bedroom, on your home screen, the kitchen wall…wherever you spend time.
  • Change it. Don’t forget this is your vision, no one else’s, so change it up whenever your goals and aspirations change.

Insurance matters:Exhale Therapy Owner, Saj Akram tells us how his new spa was ruined and offers his tips.

How do I download the Salon Gold insured badge?

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* Images of Phillip Schofield, Alison Hammond, Holly Willoughby and Akeisha Reid courtesy of This Morning

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