How do I cleanse my energy?


By Salon Gold Superstar Sarah Cox.

Sarah is owner and founder of Zephorium as an energy worker and medium she knows just how tough it can be to be a therapist.

My fellow therapists say ‘My clients come in and they’re feeling really rough or they’re tired, or they’re stressed. They come in and they have their treatment with me and they leave feeling amazing but I’m left feeling completely shattered. Why is that? How can I help feel better?’ Well the answer is, it’s all about energy and it’s really important as a therapist of any kind that you look after yourself. It doesn’t matter whether you’re doing hair or beauty, or whether you’re a yoga teacher, or healer. Energy can be transferred between people. If somebody comes in feeling awful and then goes feeling amazing and you’re left feeling awful, then you know that you’ve taken on their energy.

There’s lots of techniques that we use to help to keep our energy levels high and our energy clean. Take regular breaks, drink lots of water, eat well, go to bed early, get outside in the fresh air. These things need to be your daily routine. I can also recommend energy practices such as yoga, Tai Chi or Chi Gong to release stress.

Visualisation is a powerful technique if I have a client who’s feeling very low and tired or not very well, I imagine that in front of my solar plexus is a mirror facing out, deflecting their negativity but it lets through any positivity or good feelings or love. You’re not defending yourself against your client but you’re just protecting your energy.

At the end of the day, I always imagine that I have am standing in an ‘energy’ shower, that’s an energy shower. I imagine that I’m standing under a shower of white light of shower that flows through my crown through the body, but also around the body, flushing out everything I no longer need.

I also use light sage stick, it creates the most beautiful smell. Just light it with a little dish underneath and waft the smoke around the room, around your aura or around your clients. These have been used for thousands of years by Native American Indians and others who realise the power of energy cleaning. At Zephorium we use the Lapis spray, this is amazing. It’s frankincense oil, and when you spray it around your aura or in your room it’s wonderful for energy cleansing.

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