Can anyone be a psychic?

By Sarah Cox on October 24th, 2022

Sarah is owner and founder of Zephorium Soul Tonics and a natural psychic. Here she shares her thoughts on whether we can all tap into our psychic abilities.

“I frequently get asked if you have to be special to be a psychic or a medium? And the answer to that is definitely NO. I have trained hundreds and hundreds of people, most of them who thought they couldn’t do it, to be psychics, do readings and be mediums. Some of them have gone on to be very, very successful professional mediums and psychics. Now, the most unusual thing, I think, is that people are NOT doing it.

When we’re born, we are totally connected to source energy. As children we play, we experiment with possibilities to work out what we want to do with our lives because as children we are still very connected to that energy. That connection is slowly trained out of us. We begin to acquire knowledge with our brains and that disconnects us from our heart and from our gut, from our instinct and intuition.

So, my job is to train people to become connected once again and to show them how powerful they are. The reason I do this is because I think it’s more natural to be psychic than not to be. So, as we connect back into that wonderful world of connection, we begin to lose the need to have any kind of middleman telling us what to do. We get direct communication from Source energy and that means that we can get all the answers we need for our life and for our issues or for anything that we might be struggling with. That’s what I really encourage because my passion is to help people to be empowered. If you can work out the answers for yourself, then that’s always much better for your soul journey than somebody else telling you who your guides are or what to think or do.

I have yet to find a person who can’t do it. Trust me, I have been tested many times by people who say that they definitely don’t believe they can do it. Then over time, they connect to people who’ve passed into spirit. Also, I believe times are changing. That transformation is getting quicker. It used to be that I could get anybody to do psychic readings within a day and a half and mediumship within three days. Now they can do it very quickly, which is why I do it online as well. So, if you are feeling that there’s something calling you to explore this other dimension and to connect to it, I really encourage you to find a psychic circle and go and sit in it and see what you can do because you’re going to be utterly amazed. Have a wonderful time exploring!”

If you have questions for Sarah around energy work or mediumship just email

Sarah Cox

Sarah is the founder of Zephorium Soul Tonics, and does lots of work surrounding energy and mediumship. Sarah is also a Salon Gold Superstar.

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Hi Sarah I’ve been into the after life for many years I have had a lot of experiences when I was young with quija boards and I know evil as well as good spirits exist today something came over me and I want to pursue the afterlife I already know the consequences in doing this but I want to do it so many people such as my kids don’t believe but I tell people if they only knew I hope you don’t think I’m crazy because I’m not this is something I want to pursue life is short and I have told myself I’m going after this I’m a ghost adventures fan couldn’t tell you how many times I have watched all the seasons I know it is over fifty times but I hope I’m not bothering you I just looked you up to see how and what I need to die to pursue this thank you so much for listening to me and I hope to hear from you. Thank You for your time sincerely JD

Reply to JD

Hi Sarah,
Please could you help me to be a psychic medium?

I have done a course in mediumship but I still do not feel I’m connecting with the departed souls in Heaven.

Please can you help?
Best wishes

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I’d love to know how to become a psychic or medium!

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