What thickness of lashes should I really be using?


Most clients want the longest most luscious lashes available but it’s down to us as experts to help them make the choice that is both right for their look and their lash health. So here are my tips on getting your lash choice right.

If you are a classic lasher, I would recommend not using anything more than 0.15. If you choose a thicker lash, it will damage the natural lashes over time. I recommend choosing 0.15 or under (so 0.10 to 0.15).
If you are a volume lover, then go for anything from 0.03 to 0.07. You just need to be careful how many lashes you are creating in the fan especially if you are using the thicker lashes like 0.7. Personally, I recommend no more than six lashes in the fan, so you are doing sixty if you are using 0.07 and if you are using 0.03 you can use up to 14 in a fan.


Take time to work out the weights and always pay attention to the client’s natural lashes. Your client might love them really thick and they might look stunning but over time they are going to cause damage. Always keep lash safety at the front of your mind at all times because if your client experiences damage then they won’t remain a client!

Katie Godfrey

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