Three ways to beat the algorithm right now!


That pesky algorithm can be a beast, it kills your carefully created content and makes sure that only a tiny handful of people get to see it. There isn’t any long-term way to slay the beast but here are our top tips for what’s working right now.

Timing matters – the ‘when’ is as important as the ‘what’. You don’t want your beautiful content to be missed, so please don’t post at times when your audience is offline. If you are using social scheduling tools like Hubspot, Later or Buffer then it’s easy to stay informed. If you are manually posting then go to your IG business page Insights, Total Followers and scroll down to find Most Active Times. If you don’t have a business page…well why not! Switch from personal IG to business right now.

Consistency is key – plan ahead; you need to give the algorithm a fighting chance to understand your pace and type of content, so be consistent. You don’t need to post five times a day to get seen but once a day for five days in a row every week will work but if you are posting 5 times a day keep it consistent!

Keep the convo going – right now research suggests Reels and video are most engaging. Reels can be posted to your grid or left separate and available directly from the explore page. Reels allow you to add full caption and hashtags and ensures better sharability as they won’t disappear after 24 hours, which gives them an advantage over stories. Content of any kind that gets comments is the Holy Grail you are looking for because the more engagement that is gained, the more the algorithm will make sure your content is seen, so keep that conversation going! When someone drops a comment or emoji then make sure you respond to their comment, preferably with at least four words. Asking your followers questions are a great way to get that conversation going!

Our in-house expert Stephanie Lowndes will keep you posted as that demanding algorithm shifts over time, so don’t forget to watch your inbox every month for our Members Newsletter.

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