How do you prevent ingrowing hairs?


As a waxing expert, educator and owner of premium waxing and skincare brand Ashmira Botanica, Tracey Smith, is perfectly placed to offer the best possible advice on hair removal treatments. Here are Tracey’s top tips on preventing customers suffering from ingrowing hairs post treatment.

Tracey says:

The main issue that causes an ingrowing hair is the accumulation of dead skin cells. These skin cells trap the hair as it grows and push it back underneath the surface of the skin, where there is a risk of infection which causes spots. Ingrowing hairs can often be painful but with a little thoughtful care the risk of occurrence can be minimised. Encourage customers to exfoliate their skin once or twice a week using a gentle scrubber or an exfoliating product. This prevents the build up of dry skin that allows the hair to grow through naturally.

Never just exfoliate. Always follow up exfoliation with a good moisturiser. Exfoliation will strip the natural oils from the surface of the skin and restoring that barrier is essential to healthy skin. It’s really best to encourage clients to moisturise the skin every day.

Lastly, if your client does experience an ingrowing hair make sure you have a good ingrowing hair serum that you can recommend. Advise your client to apply the serum 2-4 times a day and they will see relief within 2-4 days.

Author Tracey Smith Ashmira Botanica

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