Work less and earn more in your salon or freelance hairdressing business

By Natasha from HEIR Education on January 28th, 2022

Client expectations have changed massively. Gone are the days when we could rely on spoken words. The customer journey now starts in the comfort of the client’s home, while they are on holiday or even in their office! Marketing and utilising digital touch points has never been more important and it’s creating another job for salon owners and freelance hairdressers. This takes up a lot of time, can become stressful, and may not even provide the desired return.

I’m Natasha from HEIR Education and I’ve been a salon owner for over 11 years. HEIR Education launched in 2020, to help salon owners and freelance hairdressers overcome the anxiety and barriers that they experience increasingly in today’s digital age.

A huge aspect of this is marketing, in particular, “tech” We so often see salon owners relying on social media to drive new business and inspire loyalty, with so many unutilised digital touch points which are more evergreen. Over the last three years, I have invested time and money into my own education to help me overcome the problems I had within my own salon business. A big part of that was creating a digital customer journey which converts our salon audience into a paying customer. But what do I mean when I talk about a digital customer journey? I mean anywhere where you have an online presence. It could be:

• A website,
• Social media platforms,
• Google My Business listing
• even WhatsApp.

These digital touch points mean clients have access to our businesses – and importantly us – at all hours! I was spending so much of my time responding to client enquiries through these digital touch points, I didn’t have time to focus on growing my business. To be blunt, the business ran me! I was micromanaging every single booking and it was exhausting.

Three years forward. Our salon business has rebranded and we have created more of a seamless and automated route for clients to get into our business quicker and more professionally. I don’t have to micromanage every single appointment that comes through a digital channel. I can have the clarity and time to work on my business and goals. I even have uninterrupted days off. And my business is still generating new leads and revenue.

Not a day that goes by when I don’t speak to another salon owner who is struggling with this aspect of their business. That’s why we launched HEIR education, to teach our tried and tested strategies to help other salon owners or freelancers who are struggling with this problem.

I have created a video for Salon Gold members to teach them two simple frameworks for quick marketing results. When these frameworks are followed, they will help to drive more of the ideal client into the salon quicker and reduce the workload of the salon owner or freelance hairdresser.

Framework 1 – How to create Killer Calls To Action

This will inspire potential clients to take action and move from a digital awareness to buying your product or service.

Framework 2 – The Map to More Money and More Time

The map that will give you the work/life balance and money that you always envisioned as a salon owner or freelancer.

The aim is to:
• get clients into your business and out of your DMs in the quickest and most professional way possible
• with all of the customer enquiries answered
• whilst following your salon policies and procedures
• and becoming a repeat long-term client

Without the need to:
• reply personally to every enquiry
• micromanage every booking,
• physically call the clients to take card details for deposits
• even speak to clients
• without using bots!

All of this results in:
• more time for you to work on your business
• spend time with family and friends
• more money coming into your business.

Watch the video to see how you can put in place some small tweaks to help you to work less and earn more!

Natasha from HEIR Education

Natasha started her career as Salon owner of franchise Saks in 2010, and since has grown to become Salon owner of HEIR Salon which is a results led, home from home salon in the heart of Lytham, Lancashire. Since 2020, she has founded and directed HEIR Education, helping Salon Owners to grow their business without discounting.

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