Stressful day? Follow these 6 tips to help you to mentally refresh…

By Denise Rabor on July 13th, 2023

Work, family and everything in between… life can get stressful! Quite often, stressful situations are unavoidable, but you can arm yourself with tools to help boost your resilience and destress after a long day. We love these tips from wellness expert and founder of eco-friendly beauty brand, D.O.R Beauty Edit, Denise Rabor to help you to mentally refresh after a stressful day.

Move your body

It could be as simple as a walk in the evening after work (or even walking home from work for extra eco points!) to help clear your mind. Fresh air helps to send lots of oxygen through the lungs to work at their full capacity, which is proven to help boost your mood. Try to get some movement in every day, whether it’s a gym session, dog walk, yoga session or journey to or from work – your body and mind will thank you.

Digital Detox

Are you sitting at a desk or plugged in some way? Or do you rush from a client appointment and immediately glue yourself to your phone in the staff room? Carve some time in the evening to ‘switch off’ from all that noise. Social media, although it can have benefits, can also have a detrimental effect on our mental health. It’s often not conducive to relaxation after a long day. Start by just muting notifications in the evening, or leave your phone downstairs when you go to bed, allowing yourself an hour instead to wind down with a book, bath, tidy your room, write in your journal (more of which below..), listen to some music… You’ll find you leap out of bed in the morning too instead of losing your first waking minutes to scrolling!

Write it down

Journaling is a great way to release your thoughts. Start by writing down what’s on your mind: anything from worries, positive things that you’re looking forward to and more. It can help you understand things more clearly and help you process, as well as being more objective. Don’t worry about how it reads, it’s not about the content, it’s about getting it out, so don’t feel self-conscious, just get it down.

Take some time for hobbies

Refill your cup… hobbies can be very therapeutic. Love something? Make time for it and allow it to become a regular hobby. They’re wonderful outlets for creativity and it’s something for you to look forward to after work. It doesn’t have to be skill based, it doesn’t have to be a side hustle, it just has to be something you love and enjoy.

Start Meditating

You might feel like meditation is impossible when you’re stressed, but there’s plenty of apps and videos that can guide you through the process. Slow, controlled breaths can help calm your nervous system and can also help you sleep. You can do as little as 5 minutes a day to get yourself started.

Take a bath

A warm bath can soothe any aching, tense muscles, helping you to relax after a stressful day. You’ll be amazed at how much stress you’re holding until it starts to melt away! Adding things like candles and relaxing music can really increase the ambience to help you destress mentally. Grab a book or pop on a podcast and relax back for a nice soak.

Stress is often unavoidable, but making time for your mental health can make it a lot easier to handle challenges when they come along. Prevention is better than cure so make the time for self-care.

Denise Rabor

Denise Rabor is a wellness expert and founder of eco-friendly beauty brand D.O.R Beauty Edit, The D.O.R. Beauty Edit is an online retailer of inclusive, ethical, independent and female-led skincare and wellbeing products.

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