Are you on track with your goals?


We are halfway through the year, wow! How quick has that gone by? We all remember writing down our goals in January of the things we wanted to conquer. I challenge you to look back at those goals and see if you have hit any or are you still on track to hit them before the end of the year? Be honest with yourself. You only have 6 months left of the year to make this work!

Having goals and setting goals is so important. You need to know what you are working towards in your business, otherwise you will just plod along and not hit anything at all. This is whether you are working on your own from home or working as a salon owner with a team. Everyone needs something to work towards. Many of us will procrastinate when it comes to writing down goals. You might have them in your head, but you need to see them and note them down. It is a lot to think about and can be overwhelming. The key is to break it all down.

Let’s do that together…

If you look back in one years’ time, what would be the best year for you? One that you’re proud of and you conquered everything you wanted in that year. Note it down.
It is so much easier to work backwards than forwards.

Once you have written down what that year looks like, you can then break it down into bite size pieces to make it easier. How are you going to achieve these goals within 12 months?

What do you need to do each month to make sure you hit them and ensure that the goals are achievable?

For example: You want to employ your first team member so you don’t need to do as many treatments yourself. That’s your goal.

To break it down:

  • Months 1-3 would be the recruiting stage.
  • Months 3-5 would be the team member starting and training.
  • Months 5-7 would be building a client base and getting clients to trust them.
  • Months 7-9 would be handing over some of your clients.
  • Goal hit within a year.

If you have a financial goal of making £80,000 a year. Your steps would be:

  • If you break it down, £80k a year is £1,539 a week and £6,666 a month.
  • How far away are you from hitting that currently now?
  • How many more clients do you need to get through the doors to hit that each week/month?
  • What marketing do you need to put in place to hit this weekly/monthly goal?
  • Then each month track your takings and marketing, see what is working and if you’re hitting your goal.
  • Trying to hit £1,539 a week sounds a lot more achievable that £80,000 as it’s a smaller number.

Give that a go on your goals and it should help you. You can even do this with your personal goals. This month I have created a downloadable goal planner for Salon Gold members at just 99p, scan the QR code below to get your planner.

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