How to get out of a negative mindset


Alan Beak of Ruger is a man of many talents. Owner of multiple barbershops, a coffee business, a coworking space, property portfolio, a product brand and new venture as a motivational speaker under the brand ‘Beak Inspired’. Alan is also one our new Salon Gold Superstars – a new panel of mentors ready to offer the advice you need, whenever you ask. This month Alan is responding to ‘How do you get out of a negative mindset?’ which also fits perfectly with Mental Health Awareness Week. Read on or click here for Alan’s video.

Everyone feels down from time and to time and everyone gets into a negative mindset, that’s totally normal. Allow yourself to process those feelings and thoughts. Don’t be afraid to allow yourself to wallow a bit. I call this Hippo Time. The key point is that you need to give yourself a set amount of time to allow those feelings before moving through and out of them. It can be an hour, a day or a week, depending on the depth of those feelings but put a limit on it and stick to it.

Another way to break a negative mindset is to flip the script. Negative thinking tends to play around the worse case scenario, the worst possible outcome. Our mind dwells there and keeps running the same script, so to break the cycle – flip those thoughts around. What would be the best case scenario? What are the most amazing positive outcomes that could arise from this set of circumstances?

Negative thinking can also be a burden and writing down your problems and issues is a great way to get it off your chest. Alternatively speaking to a friend or family member that you trust to support you will help. Expressing your thoughts in some way is cathartic.

Choose your company carefully. Stay away from negative, pessimistic, narcissistic and toxic people is an essential part of protecting your mental wellbeing. Conversely surround yourself with people that are positive, aspirational and optimistic.

Watch out for the information and media that you expose yourself to. Think about the info and media you consume like food. If you were to eat junk food and smoke all day, you would make yourself ill. It’s the same for books, social media, TV, films, podcasts etc. Choose those things that will lift your mood not make you focus on negativity or make you feel bad about yourself and stay away from the news!

Love yourself! Be kind to yourself. Show yourself appreciation for all the things that you conquer or achieve in the day. Don’t think about mountains, think about mole hills. Every small achievement should be celebrated.

Lastly – exercise gratitude. Gratitude is an incredible tool to improve a negative mindset. Focusing on all the things you have already, stops you from thinking about all the things that you want or don’t have. It quickly shifts your mood.

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