Drop your ego and grow as a person

By Alan Beak on August 24th, 2022

Our motivation and mental health Salon Gold Superstar, Alan Beak, shares his wisdom on how we can be truly self-aware and embrace our weaknesses to boost the pace of our personal growth.

“Your ego can be your best friend or your worst enemy. For it to be your best friend, you need to use it correctly. I do videos and talks and tell the audience to set themselves impossible goals and impossible tasks…to keep pushing every day to actualize them, to work harder to get closer to that goal but actually that advice can have the opposite effect on the ego driven mind. It can create the delusion of grandeur and not real success and people end up becoming demotivated because they haven’t been able to reach that goal.

The antidote to ego is to work on yourself by breaking down your psyche, by breaking down your personality, by breaking down your work ethic, your skill set, your experience and take time to analyse who you are as a person. This is work that you really need to do on yourself rather than ask someone else to help you do this. They don’t truly know exactly who you are, they don’t know what your intentions are, and how you really, really feel. So, it’s important that you drop your ego completely and work out those traits in your personality that are blocking your success.

I realised a few years ago that I’m a huge procrastinator, and I had to scrutinise these weaknesses in myself. I asked myself ‘Why do you always put things off? Why do you say that you’re going to do it today but then continually put it off?’ The answer was that I was scared of the responsibility of doing things. I recommend that you take time to realise what you’re good at, identify your strengths, identify your weaknesses. I also personally found it much easier to do something physical, a job where I was using my hands like education, than I did to do something theoretical. I found it impossible to sit at tasks that demanded keeping my attention on a screen. So, I’d identified that as a weakness too. Then I looked at other traits, especially toxic traits, so that I could expose my weaknesses and address them.

Having the ability to drop your ego, look deep within inside yourself and work out what’s good in you and what isn’t, overall will make you a better person. It’s your opportunity to strengthen weaknesses, address faults and replace them with positive ones. It’s a hard lesson to learn but it’s very, very important. Drop that ego. Work out what’s best for you and trust me you’ll grow as a person.”

Alan Beak

Alan Beak is Director and Co Founder of RUGER barbers, runs a coffee business, a coworking space, has a property portfolio, a product brand and new venture as a motivational speaker under the brand ‘Beak Inspired’. Alan is a WAHL UK Creative Director, a BOOKSY Ambassador and is also one our new Salon Gold Superstars.

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