Are You Using Mindfulness In Your Business For Greater Results?


Caroline Sanderson is the founder of Salon Jedi and has spent the past 10 years coaching salon professionals in how to grow their salon business by upgrading not just their marketing and business skills but upgrading their mindset. This is the foundation of building sustainable success.

Caroline started to study and practice mindset principles and the law of attraction back in 2009 when her own salon was at rock bottom. On the brink of bankruptcy, she turned to mentors and completely transformed her own small salon into one of the best in the UK today.

She has now created her Unique Branded Solution “The M.i.n.d.f.u.l Salon Source Code” to offer a solution that salons and teams can adopt into their culture for a happier team and greater results. We were inspired by the astounding success stories from her Salon Jedi clients and asked her to share some of her tips…


Having a clear Purpose can literally transform lives, yours and those you serve.

It can transform your salon brand and the individuals within your team. If you’re living your passion it keeps you in the right mindset space, HOWEVER, if you can turn your passion into your PURPOSE …that is when little life miracles can happen.

When it becomes more about the purpose rather than a day to day job or the money, that is when things really start to shift and you are driven by something bigger than you.

If you stand for something in life, weirdly enough, the universe seems to part for you and find you the path and ways to actually reach your purpose.

So what exactly do I mean by purpose? Let’s say for example, you have a salon team full of individuals but you’re all aligned with a bigger purpose and mission, sharing a highest value which is family.

Your purpose becomes creating an environment where parents can come, with their children, so they don’t need to be parted from them or find babysitters. For those that don’t have the support of family around them they know they can come to your salon and be welcome. You might create a play area for kids and stock kids’ treats to keep them happy and entertained.

If you do this and follow your mission you’re going to attract people aligned with that purpose. There will always be a niche of people that resonate with your purpose. When you shout about your purpose you are the tall poppy that stands out, and the people that resonate with you will come like a magnet to you, including the right team.

The biggest, most successful businesses have a greater purpose behind them and they build their tribe through that purpose.

Let’s look at chocolate as an example. If I say to you Green & Blacks chocolate, what’s the first thing you think of?

You will probably think dark chocolate, maybe luxury chocolate, expensive chocolate and organic. It’s also ethically sourced chocolate. Green & Blacks were the first to get the fair trade stamp on their product in the Co-op leading the way for others to follow. They attract their tribe of dark luxury organic chocolate lovers who value their fair trade stamp.

They are an example of taking their passion for dark chocolate and turning it into their purpose of bringing this luxury treat to the right people in a fair trade way.

Never be scared to be the tall poppy and shout about your opinion, your purpose and what you know, and in your own way change the world though your purpose.

We help our students find their purpose. If you want more information please get in touch!

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This sounds like the worst type of commercialisation of Mindfulness. Is Caroline accredited as a Mindful teacher? Does she adhere to the UK Code of Practice for Mindfulness Practitioners? I expected Salon Gold to have a higher standard than this.

Reply to Robert

Hi Robert
Thank you for engaging with our feature; Caroline isn’t an accredited mindful teacher and nor does she claim to be; she’s a salon business coach sharing what’s worked for her business. Her story really stood out to us as she has a small business which went to the brink of bankruptcy and found a way to not only survive but thrive, and she is unusual in the figures that she does and the SEO that she has, which far exceed the norm for a salon in her locality. We felt that she really speaks to our clientele which is made up proportionally of a very large number of similar businesses and her inspirational achievements have been recognised in a number of prestigious awards. The blog is offering her experiences and how she credits mindset as an essential component of salon growth. Interestingly it’s been our most popular blog this month! We’re always keen to hear from business owners about their perspective on things and if you’d like to contribute an idea for a blog on mindfulness we’d be delighted to consider it.
– SG

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