What insurance do I need for my tanning salon?

By Darragh Timlin on February 28th, 2019

You’ve got your premises, your booths and beds and your creams, oils and accelerators lined up behind the counter – but have you got the right level of business insurance in place? The unique nature of a tanning salon means that an equally standout insurance policy is essential.

With members of the public coming in and out of your beds and booths all day long, there are many instances where an accident, injury or incident of property damage could occur.

Here’s why you should certainly get your tanning salon business insured.

What will my tanning salon be covered for?                                                   

There are four different types of liability that you will be immediately and comprehensively covered for when you take out tanning salon insurance. Some of these you may already be familiar with, or have taken out yourself in the past on an individual basis.

However, when you take out insurance for your tanning salon with Salon Gold, you do get much more. We’ll come to that shortly, but for now, here are the four essentials covered:

  • Public liability insurance: with customers coming in, getting undressed, redressing and heading out – not to mention standing or lying down under powerful UV lightbulbs – you are only ever one slip away from a claim. Public liability insurance is not legally required but is highly recommended. Have you ever stepped out of a tanning booth, relaxed and slightly dazzled? Of course, you have, and so will everyone else. You will be covered for compensation claims and legal costs with public liability insurance as standard.
  • Products liability insurance: among your main business competitors are any high street retailer that sells fake tan products. Of course, the service you provide is more efficient and delivers a more natural look. But if a member of the public uses any product you sell, like a cream or moisturiser, and suffers a bad reaction, they won’t head to their nearest Boots – they’ll come for you. Products liability has you covered here, dealing with the costs just like public liability insurance does for accidental injuries.
  • Employer’s liability insurance: from the moment you take on another member of staff, this is one level of cover you are legally required to take out. This insurance protects you against any claims made by your staff against you or the business. It is also worth noting, if you’re unfamiliar with this type of cover, that you can be fined up to £2,500 per day for not having it in place.
  • Treatment risk insurance: similar to products liability, this type of insurance covers you for injuries or illness caused by the treatments you offer. So if a customer claims that they have suffered burns, skin irritation or damage to their eyesight because of your business, you don’t need to worry about being able to pay any legal fees and/or compensation that may be required. Even if your salon is found responsible, your business will have the money to stay afloat and work on improving its service.

Is anything else included?

There are certainly many more useful additions within each of our tanning salon insurance packages. After all, it pays to cover all bases when it comes to insurance, and especially with a business like a tanning salon. While tanning itself is safe, people, on the other hand, are often less reliable when it comes to self-care. Plus, the wider public are more likely to hear – and remember – the bad news stories about tanning salons, than the good.

So, within every tanning salon insurance policy, we also include various other useful policies and services for you to take advantage of when you really need our help. Our insurance includes cover for your stock and money if stolen, and your contents if stolen or damaged. Plus, you will be covered for any other legal expenses accrued, and revenue lost due to the failure of a telephone line, water supply or gas pipe. And yes, you are covered for the failure of your electricity too, which really would flip the switch on your productivity in an instant.

While protecting you against other events outside of your control, such as damage from storms, flooding and fire, these forms of business interruption cover will ensure your income doesn’t also come to a halt. Such cover will replace the revenue that you would have otherwise been generating, which means that you will also be covered for regular utility bills during this period, and be able to keep paying even temporary staff who have lost their income.

Do I need full cover?

Here at Salon Gold, we offer several different levels of tanning salon insurance, depending on what you require. This makes it possible to start with premiums that suit the size of your business and your particular type of service, and change your policy if and when your business grows or changes. For instance, we offer a policy that will suit students just starting out in business, or self-employed people who rent space within another salon.

However, if you work from home and people visit you for their treatment, there is a specific ‘Business At Home’ policy ideal for you. And for business owners, we have put together a comprehensive ‘Complete Salon Business Package’ that covers you for everything above, and more. Personal accidents that impact your ability to run the business will be considered, and you will also have 24-hour access to a crisis line for legal advice.

With your insurance in place, you can concentrate fully on running your business and making sure your customers come and go happily and safely. The nature of insurance is to be there should the worst happen, and while these unfortunate events are certainly rare, that doesn’t mean they’ll never occur.

Get in touch with us today to protect your business, employees and valued customers against the relatively unlikely, but nonetheless disastrous events that every business owner dreads. Our policies are designed to give you and other UK tanning salon owners some much-deserved peace of mind.

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