Hair Salon Insurance From The Leading UK Experts

Hair Salon Insurance From The Leading UK Experts

Get premium insurance protection, without the hefty price tag.

Hair Salon Insurance by industry experts

Hairdress to Impress

Hairdressing has never been just your job – it’s also always been a passion. You saved until you finally managed to open up a hairdressing salon all your own. You put in hours trying to find the right stylists. And you built up regular clients who came back regularly to their favourite stylist.

Then one day, this stylist decides to leave, taking a chunk of your clientele with them. You treated them well but apparently that didn’t seem to matter. It leaves you devastated and you wonder if there is anything you can do to protect yourself from this ever happening again.

The good news is Salon Gold can help in this situation. If you have a Hair Salon insurance policy with us and have included the relevant wording in the stylist’s employment contract, our legal expenses cover will pay your legal fees to sue them for breach of contract.

Make the right decision for your hair salon. Buy your salon insurance with us today.

Which type of Salon Gold policy do I need?

Find out which insurance policy is right for your business.


Are you a Student?

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Based on the information provided we would suggest our Student policy.

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Do you own or manage a salon or business premises that allows access to the public (excluding salons based at home)?

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Based on the information provided we would suggest our Complete Salon/Business Package to correctly insure your public liability.

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Are you employed by a salon or business owner?

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Their insurance should cover you as an employee so based on the information provided we would only suggest our Freelance/Mobile/Self-Employed policy if you do your own private work.

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Do you rent a chair in a salon or work on a freelance or mobile basis in the hair, beauty, holistic, or fitness sector?

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Based on the information provided we would suggest our Freelance/Mobile/Self-Employed policy which will cover you to work anywhere in the UK.

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Do customers visit you at home for their therapy or treatment?

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Based on the information provided we would suggest our Freelance/Mobile/Self-Employed policy and include our “Business at Home” extension.

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Based on the information provided we would suggest our Freelance/Mobile/Self-Employed policy which will cover you to work anywhere in the UK.

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Hair Salon Insurance From The Leading UK Experts Treatments

We provide cover for a wide range of treatments in the hairdressing industry. You will be covered in the event that a treatment you provide causes injury, damage or illness. For example a reaction to a hair colour treatment.

You will automatically be covered for all treatments listed below providing you hold a suitable qualification for any treatments carried out.

Hair Salon

Descriptions of coverAutomaticOptional
Application of tooth jewelleryYesNo
Cutting and shaping of nails including application of acrylic coatingsYesNo
Ear piercing by gun and stud method*YesNo
Eyebrow treatments including plucking, shaping, tinting, threading, waxing, HD Brows, henna and lamination*YesNo
Eyelash treatments including tinting, lifting, perming and applying false eyelashes*YesNo
False eyelashes, including semi-permanent eyelash extensionsYesNo
Special treatment of hair including chemical straightening conditioning treatmentsYesNo
Tinting, dyeing, bleaching or permanent waving of hairYesNo
Use of cut throat razors, hair clippers and trimmersYesNo
Use of electrical equipment such as tongs, curlers or straightenersYesNo
Washing, styling, cutting, application of hair extensions and drying of hairYesNo
* Additional terms apply. Full details available during the quote process.

Our Hairdressing Salon Cover

For Hairdressing Salons

As standard, our salon insurance policies provide some of the widest covers available in the market and policies can be tailored to your own specific requirements.

Salon covers

Our Hairdressing Salon treatments

The Salon Gold policy will provide cover for a wide range of treatments as standard providing all treatments are carried out by a trained and qualified operative.

Treatment page

Do you work mobile or freelance? Check out our mobile hairdresser insurance package.

Mobile hairdresser

Our hairdresser insurance packages provide some of the widest covers around.

Freelance covers


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    “Will qualifications affect my insurance?”

    Talking about qualifications when trying to buy insurance for your business can be a bit daunting, but it doesn’t have to be! Here at Salon Gold, we know that there is often a lot of uncertainty over what qualifications you’ll need to be covered, so we’ve compiled all the information you’ll need to know in this handy guide

    Teacher or student cover

    Do you train other professionals to become instructors in your chosen activity? Our Teacher Training insurance is an optional cover. Just add it to any of our freelance hair, beauty, holistic or health & fitness policies. And we offer student insurance — at special student rates!

    Hairdressing Salon Insurance FAQs

    Do hair salons need insurance?

    Salon insurance is essential for any hairdressing salon. Without specialist insurance, you would be left to foot the bill in the event of any loss or damage to your property or any compensation claim made against you.

    It is not only claims for compensation, what would happen if your hair salon was destroyed by fire and was unable to trade? The bill for replacing all your fixtures, fittings, stock and equipment could be huge, not to mention your loss of profits for the time you were unable to trade. Again, your hair salon insurance could come to the rescue here.

    What insurance does a hair salon need?

    There are many different types of insurance needed by a hair salon. For example:

    Insurance for your building, fixtures, fittings, contents, stock and equipment

    • Glass cover
    • Business Interruption protecting your loss of profits if you were unable to trade
    • Money cover
    • Public liability cover in case anybody is injured in your salon
    • Treatment risk liability to protect against injury to customers during a treatment – hair colour reaction for example
    • Legal expenses insurance
    • Employer’s Liability
    How much does hair salon insurance cost?

    Hair salon insurance costs vary depending upon the level of cover you require. Prices start at approximately £250 per year and rise to more than £1,000 for larger salons or salons with high sums insured or lots of staff. You can often spread the cost of your hair salon insurance across the year by opting to pay monthly for the cover.

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