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Don’t Allow A Faulty Product To Ruin Your Reputation

Whether you work in the hair, beauty, holistic, health or fitness industry, you know that not all accidents are just down to slips and trips. Whether you operate a salon or freelance business, when you sell or supply products to clients as part of your treatment, therapy or service, there’s always a chance that the product might be faulty and cause injury or damage to a client’s property. And when that happens, the client won’t go to the manufacturer – they’ll go to you, which means so will their compensation claim.

This is where products liability insurance comes into play. It provides cover for your business against damages awarded if a product that you make or supply causes personal injury to a customer, member of the public or their property. In these circumstances, your products liability insurance would cover the costs of the claim, as well as paying out any legal fees. This ensures that you’re protected, no matter what the outcome.



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The Limits Of Products Liability Insurance: What Do You Get?

 Our standard cover includes:

  • A limit of indemnity of £3 million for all claims each year (or £1 million for students)
  • PLUS the option to increase this cover to £5 million for all claims each year (excluding students)
  • PLUS Consumer Protection Act cover of up to £100,000

As well as all this, you’ll also receive cover for products supplied whilst temporarily (up to 14 days) working abroad (excluding the USA and Canada).

This cover is applied automatically when you take out your insurance with us.

Products Liability Insurance: Frequently Asked Questions


Will I automatically get products liability with any Salon Gold, Fitness Gold, Holistic Gold or Counselling Gold insurance policy?

Yes, you will! All our Salon Gold insurance policies have products liability insurance included as standard at no extra fee.


Do I really need products liability insurance if I don’t manufacture products myself?

Yes – products liability insurance has been specifically designed to protect you against any claims made against you for any products you have supplied or sold. Unfortunately, if something goes wrong with a product a client has obtained from you or if the product is faulty, the client’s first port of call will be you. Having products liability insurance protects you from these types of claims, and if possible, any costs will be recuperated from the manufacturer by your insurer.


Some salon, hair, beauty, holistic, health and fitness insurance policies don’t offer products liability in their policies. Why do you?

We firmly believe that products liability insurance plays a vital role in any business insurance cover. Whether you run a salon, work as a freelance hair or beauty professional or are a holistic therapist or personal trainer, without this cover, you’re vulnerable from a legal standpoint if a customer makes this kind of a claim against you. The client will seek compensation from you first, even if you didn’t manufacture the product yourself. However, with your products liability insurance, your insurer will deal with the claim on your behalf and try to pass the claim onto the company who manufactured the faulty product.

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Our Reviews

4.9 / 5 Based on 1498 Reviews
Read all reviews »

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