YouTube Star’s Hair Falls Out After Ignoring Warning Label On Product


A YouTube star who ignored the warning on a hair product cries as her hair falls out in patches.

The YouTube celebrity, who had previously bleached her hair to transform it platinum blonde before dyeing it pink, ignored the warning on the hair product that urged users not to use if they have bleached their hair. Hannah had hoped the hair product – which turned out to be drugstore bought hair relaxer and conditioner – would help her hair,

After covering her hair with the product and waiting, Hannah got in the shower to wash it only to realise her hair began to feel very clumpy. “It started falling out. I could feel my hair coming out and going down my back, and you could hear it splashing in the water. It started just coming out in patches.”

“I didn’t realise how bad it was until I got out of the shower and I already knew it was really bad because I could see that the water wasn’t going down the drain anymore.” After getting back in the shower to make sure all the product had been rinsed out, Hannah brushed her hair to remove the rest of her hair.

Reaching out to the salon to enquire about extensions, she was told her hair was too short. With the sides of her hair gone and the rest severely damaged, she decided to shave her hair off.

Hannah has said she doesn’t intent to sue the company as it doesn’t seem “worth pursuing” but did say, “Sometimes, things happen to us, and when they happen, you have to decide to learn from it and move forward.” The clip has been viewed up to 4 million times.


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