Woman with OCD washes her hair 72 times a day


A woman washes her hair 72 times a day as she battles terrible OCD.

Serin Rayer-Davies, 23 years old has revealed on This Morning her struggle with extreme OCD since she was aged only 7. Serin had difficulty with the thought of being contaminated by germs and would wash her hair up to 72 times a day and rewash her laundry up to 15 times to try and stay clean. Serin explained that OCD sufferers believe in a concept of “magical thinking”, meaning everything has to be clean because if something else touches something dirty, that will become unclean, and then “your world is dirty”.

Thankfully, Serin seemed help and has now had a 180 in life, married to the man of her dreams she says “He doesn’t enable my OCD, he knows it’s not a good way to live. “He checks through everything with me to make sure I’m OK, but he doesn’t help me, or enable me.”

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