Touching Moment Barber Helps Calm Autistic Boy


Heart touching moment a barber helps to calm an autistic boy for his haircut

James Williams (also known as Jim the Trim), specialises in haircutting for autistic children. James made a turning point in his career to include haircuts for autistic children after realising how uncomfortable his autistic clients were when getting a haircut.

In a touching video posted by James, the hairdresser gives the boy an iPhone to play with while reassuring him calmly that everything is OK

James closes his salon every Sunday to offer appointments exclusively to autistic children, giving each child an hour of free reign of the salon, so they do not have to feel confined to a chair. Travelling across the country to cut autistic children’s hair, James donates the money he earns to local children’s charities.

On a post on his Instagram James wrote “we as barbers need to learn to enter they’re world not ours, we don’t need to force them in the chair, Start avoiding the rule of chair ! learn to adapt to the autism lifestyle, to make the experience easier with Liam I stand above him with his iPhone as a distraction to keep him busy”

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