Mum Says Life Was Ruined By Box Dye

Posted on 2nd May 2018

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Mum says her life is ruined by box dye

31-year-old, Tammy Parker, has said her carelessness left her with painful, itchy skin and permanent scars. Tammy had used ’Clairol Nice ‘N Easy’ that she had used before, however used it again on her roots for the first time without a patch test.
Tammy says she awoke the next morning to a pillow drenched with black dye and a swollen head accompanied with rashes.

“My rash felt like a really bad sun burn, my skin was on fire. I kept telling my husband I was burning up. It felt like if I ran a brush through my hair it would have all come out. ’When I went to the doctor I was really dizzy and breathless,” said Tammy

Tammy accepts full responsibility for the reaction and says, “I had used the exact same brand so many times before that I just didn’t realise I could suddenly have an allergic reaction to it.” She is now warning others to always do a patch test before the usage of any dye.

Comments towards Tammy have wondered if she had washed the dye away properly and agreed that a patch test should always be carried out. – What do you think?


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Our Reviews

4.9 / 5 Based on 1818 Reviews
Read all reviews »

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