hairspray makes history

Hairstory Makes History


US haircare brand, Hairstory, is re-inventing the way that consumers wash their hair through the introduction of their detergent-free cleansers and styling product range.

Created by Eli Halliwell, Hairstory is dedicated to helping people change the way they think about the hair industry. The brand has some liberating beliefs, centred around products that promote self-love.

Having asked a series of provocative questions and gaining some surprising answers in the process, Hairstory launched a capsule collection of products designed to challenge the hair industry norms and change the course of hair history.

The core line features three types of shampoo: New Wash, New Wash (Rich) and New Wash (Deep).

Hairstory CEO, Eli Halliwell, said: “The New Wash range employs amphiphilic substances of a different kind to those found within damaging shampoos. Our naturally-derived, saturated cleansers are remarkable because they also condition hair.”

The styling range includes “Hair Balm”, “Dressed Up”, “Undressed”, “Wax”, “Lift” and “Powder”.

As well as the revolutionary products themselves, Hairstory has invented a new way to sell them: with no regional distributors or bulk sales to retailers.

The collections are available to purchase both online and directly through salons, with Hairstory being the first of its kind to reward hairdressing professionals for referring them to other professionals.

Hairstory are also official partners of 1% for the Planet, a global network of businesses, non-profits and individuals working together for a healthier planet.

The brand is committed to donating 1% of its annual proceeds from sales of New Wash bottles to help those working on water-related issues.

Do you think this form of distribution would work in the UK?

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