Your Hair Can Now Change Colour With The Temperature

Posted on 25th August 2017

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Guys and gals, your hair is now able to change colour instantly with the change of temperature.

Imagine yourself stepping outside for the morning commute and your hair turns blonde. You then walk to the gym and a gust of wind changes your hair colour another colour – totally awesome right? Pretty much all the fun that Kylie Jenner has when she dons a new zany coloured wig, all thanks to Pravana and their marvellous, heat-changing ‘Vivids Mood Hair Colours’.

The product from Vivids Mood Colour is a temporary overlay that changes colour depending on the heat level around you. Simply walking out in the sun could give you a whole new look.

The best part – and you may want to sit down before reading further! – is that there are no potential side-effects like you would have with bleach. The product will neither damage your hair or mess up your existing colour, and there’s also no risk of scalp burning or ending up with an orange tint.

“There’s no risk in using it. It does not damage your hair. You don’t have to pre-lighten your hair. You can put on various levels, but the brighter the hair, the lighter the color will look. It does lay on top of the hair. It’s temporary. You can change your color day in, and day out. It’s not dye,” Cruz told Allure (Product development manager)

If you don’t believe us, just check out the video below to get clued up, and then tell us – what styles could you come up with this technology?


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Our Reviews

4.9 / 5 Based on 1818 Reviews
Read all reviews »

Straightforward, and helpful. Covered me for what I need. Thanks!

51 minutes ago

I felt the application was straightforward and am now happy I have all the cover I need for the moment.

19 hours ago

Very good and easy to use, got my Liability insurance straight away! Thank you very much :)

on Feb 15th
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