Is Dry Shampoo Damaging Your Hair?


We hate to be the bearer of bad news, but we want the best for you – dry shampoo is damaging your hair.

This news hurts us deeply, but it turns out dry shampoo is suffocating your scalp which can lead to hair loss. The life saver that is dry shampoo – which works by absorbing excess oil causing your hair to appear clean and free of that ghastly shine is actually causing irritation to your scalp, cutting of circulation and ultimately leading to hair loss.

“It goes into your scalp, it builds up, and your scalp can’t breathe,” says French hair maestro, Christophe Robin. He says using it every so often is okay, but you should only do so rarely – so, you may want to drop that can you have in your hand right now!

Christophe instead says a vinegar spray can be used for a light clean instead. “It’s antibacterial, and it’s great for your scalp.” Use it on the second or third day without washing your hair, and use a towel to rub it in.

Who knew vinegar was so good for your hair?

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