You Can Now Own A Hair Kit Dye Made Specifically For You


A personalised hair dye that is formulated for your specific hair type, AND it’s delivered straight to your door exists and the results sound perfect according to hellogiggles

eSalon believes that hair dye is not a straight forward, simple procedure and drugstore dyes just aren’t cutting it. Variables like texture, whether or not your hair has been colour treated before and even how it was treated, play a major role in how your hair turns out.

The process starts by visiting the eSalon website and completing a “hair profile”. The hair profile is ridiculously thorough – in a good way. Asking things such as the last time you used a relaxer or keratin treatment and your ethnicity, the form then goes on to ask about your hair goals and how you would your hair to end up. Choosing from a colour that closely matches your current colour and the hair colour you want, you’re finally presented with colours you can choose from (You aren’t allowed to simply pick any colour you want).

Once eSalon receives your order and a hair colourist approves it, you will be sent your dye! With dyes specifically for your roots and the rest of your hair, the box has everything you need. The total cost? $25 (19.35) shipping included. Not to shabby.

Would you trust a personalised hair dye box?

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