Are Gender-Neutral Priced Haircuts The Way Forward?


Are gender-neutral priced haircuts the way forward?

Chop Chop London, which opened recently in Islington, London, has a “gender-neutral” pricing system. Aiming to help those with a busy schedule achieve a high class haircut no matter your gender.

Co-founder and director of the salon Kaye Sotomi, says “Gender-neutral pricing is important because equality is important. You can no longer justify in this day and age, living in a cosmopolitan city, why the price point for a man or woman should differ.”

Chop Chop London believes women were generally charged more for treatments as the industry specifically targeted them with luxury products and experiences – compared to that of a simple barbers visit for a man – and wanted to change the narrative

The gender-fluid prices at Chop Chop London is based on time rather than gender. “We’ve focused on creating a series of styles that can be created in 20 minutes, regardless of hair type, texture or gender to ensure equal costs and equal service.” Says Kaye.

Kaye goes on to say that through “tests, trials and research” it was concluded that 20 minutes is an ideal time to provide a “fantastic” hair cut for both genders, whilst providing a service suited for people with crazy schedules. Kaye also wants to stress that the lower price point does not compromise on quality with all their stylists having years of experience.

What do you make of the salon’s approach to pricing?


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