Amazing Barber Offers Free Haircuts To Autistic Children


A barber who cuts the hair of autistic children says, “it’s the best thing” he’s ever done.

James Williams, who is also known as ‘Jim The Trim’, was inspired by one of his autistic clients to offer a more catered hair cutting experience to children with autism. Every Sunday, James will close his shop to general customers and offer appointments exclusively to autistic children.

Appearing in a short film about children with autism called ‘Let Me In’, James has assembled a group of barbers to give haircuts to children around the country, called ‘Autism Barbers Assemble’. James says all the money that is charged goes back to local children’s charities that benefit those with autism.

“It’s one of the best things I could have ever done really. I do a lot of my hair shows and I educate on stage. I’ve won titles in my work but it still comes down to making a difference to a family. You realise how it means to these people. Just a simple thing like a haircut goes a long way. I love doing it.”


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