A PSA That Spray Tans and Tears Are Not Compatible


17 year old Alex Vinklarek already knew just how disastrous water can be on a spray tan however, forgot this when she took the risk of watching a heart warming video.

“I saw this really heartwarming video of a dog reuniting with its owner.” said Alex who then realised just what she was doing “Two drops rolled down each side of my face,” says Alex. “I immediately realised and opened my camera to look at it. I saw that I had two streaks and I started bawling my eyes out, so that’s when it got really bad.”

Alex couldn’t help but cry even more after seeing just what had happened to her spray tan saying “I kept trying to stop crying but every time I looked at myself I cried more because it looked so awful.”

Alex managed to get her streak problem fixed by visiting the salon the next day to re-apply the spray tan to her face.

A lesson learnt we are sure!



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