An 8 Year Old Girl Decided To Cut Off Her Hair For Sick Children


An 8 year old girl decided to cut off her hair for sick children

Ruby Cotter, 8 years old from Essex, took her parents by surprise when she told them her decision to cut her hair (that is almost the size of her!) to provide wigs for sick children. Learning that some children can lose their hair to aggressive illnesses, Ruby wanted to help them by donating her hair to the Little Princess Trust

“I am 8 years old and have always had very long hair, nearly as long as me. I heard about the children that are sad because they have no hair because they are sick and it has probably fallen out, so I wanted to give them mine because I don’t need it all, and I want to make them happy again.” Wrote Ruby on a funding page her parents had set up to pay for the wig process.

Mum Samantha wanted to make sure little Ruby would not regret the decision and asked her to wait a few months before making the chop, however this didn’t deter Ruby at all

“She’s [Ruby] been asking constantly ever since” said Samantha “She’s not nervous about getting it cut at all, she’s so excited, She’s already talking about growing it out again and making a second wig!”

Acts of kindness like this are always wonderful to see! Well done to Ruby and everyone else who continues to donate to the Little Princess Trust.


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