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Complete Protection For Professionals In The Holistic, Health & Fitness Sectors

When you work in the holistic, health or fitness industry, you know that while things like slips and trips can cause problems for your business, there are actually more serious allegations that could cause a compensation claim. Your biggest concerns are things like injuries arising out of therapies or fitness regimes – and these simply aren’t covered under a conventional public liability insurance policy. Whether you work as a holistic therapist, counsellor or psychotherapist, or even fitness instructor or personal trainer, no matter how careful you are, sometimes accidents just happen, and when faced with a claim like this, all you really need to know is that you, and your business, are protected.

These kinds of accidents and mishaps are the sort of circumstances for which malpractice insurance has been specifically designed. Because public liability insurance doesn’t cover for any claims that arise from professional services, this can be a problem for those working in the holistic, health and fitness sectors, as many of the services you provide fall into this category. In order to bridge this gap in cover, malpractice insurance is included as standard in all of these insurance policies, and it covers claims made for bodily injury, mental and psychological damage from both physical procedures and from advice. It’s an absolutely essential cover for anyone working in these industries, providing total protection, no matter what situation you find yourself in.

The Limits Of Malpractice Insurance: What Do You Get?

Our standard cover is:

  • A limit of indemnity of £3 million any one claim made whilst the policy is in force (£1 million for students)
  • PLUS the option to increase this up to £5 million any one claim whilst the policy is in force (excluding students)
  • PLUS cover for Good Samaritan Acts
  • PLUS full retroactive cover for previously insured periods (providing you select this option when taking out your policy)
  • PLUS Libel and Slander cover up to £250,000
  • PLUS Breach of Confidentiality extension up to £100,000

As well as the above, our malpractice insurance will cover you whether you work from a salon, clinic, from home or on a mobile basis, and includes cover to work anywhere in the United Kingdom, the Channel Islands or the Isle of Man. It also includes cover for temporary (up to 14 days) work abroad (excluding the USA and Canada), as well as cover for a wide variety of therapies and treatments included as standard, and the option to add certain selected therapies to your policy for an additional fee.

What does a ‘claims made’ & ‘claims occurring’ policy mean?

Malpractice insurance is unique in the way that claims are covered. A typical malpractice insurance policy includes cover on a ‘claims made’ basis, while public liability insurance policies typically include cover on a ‘claims occurring’ basis – and there is a slight difference between these two terms. In a ‘claims occurring’ policy, cover is provided for claims arising from incidents which actually occur during the period of insurance, so even if a claim is made after the incident, so long as you had an insurance policy in force when it actually happened, your insurer would still cover the costs of the claim.

By contrast, a ‘claims made’ policy gives cover for claims actually brought against the policyholder in the period the policy is in force. This means that, if an incident occurred while the policy was in force, but a resulting claim was brought against the policyholder after the policy had ended, then they wouldn’t be protected. This is why it’s important for people working in these industries to make sure they get ‘run off’ cover on their malpractice insurance policy should they choose to cease trading or retire, to ensure they’re still protected against potential claims made after the policy lapses.

To read more about the differences between ‘claims made’ and ‘claims occurring’ policies, please visit our Knowledge Hub, which goes into more depth on the subject.

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Malpractice Insurance: Frequently Asked Questions


Will I automatically get malpractice insurance with any Holistic Gold, Counselling Gold or Fitness Gold insurance policy?

Yes, you will! Each and every one of our holistic, health and fitness insurance policies includes malpractice insurance as standard, however, it’s worth noting that if you have a Salon Gold salon or hair and beauty insurance policy, this cover will be replaced with treatment risk insurance. To find out more about our treatment risk insurance and what it covers, please visit our treatment risk insurance page.


How is malpractice insurance different from public liability insurance?

While standard public liability insurance offers cover for injury or damage to a third party or their property caused by your business activities, it omits cover for injury or damage arising from professional services. As much of what a holistic therapist, counsellor or psychotherapist, or personal trainer or fitness instructor does counts as a professional service, this would exclude most claims arising out of the service you provide to your clients. Malpractice insurance seeks to bridge this gap, providing complete overall protection for claims made for bodily injury, mental and psychological damage from both physical procedures and from advice, or a combination of the two.


What is a retroactive date?

A retroactive date on your insurance policy where malpractice insurance is concerned, is typically the date from which you’ve held uninterrupted malpractice insurance, even if you’ve chosen to change insurance providers in this time. Anything pre-dating your retroactive date will usually not be covered by your insurance. It’s important because, in order for a claim to be covered by your insurer, your insurance will need to have been in place both when the incident occurred and when you make a claim. If you do change insurers, you can typically purchase retroactive cover from your new insurer – this will cover claims dating as far back as your retroactive date, and will mean that your new insurance company will deal with the claim, instead of having to contact your previous insurer.

Our Reviews

4.9 / 5 Based on 4369 Reviews
Read all reviews »

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