What is Micro-needling Therapy & what insurance do you need?

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Micro-needling therapy is a relatively new form of treatment which seeks to reduce the appearance of skin ageing by using small, sterile needles to puncture the skin and inducing collagen production. It’s mainly a cosmetic procedure but can also be used on clients with severe acne and scarring.


What insurance does a micro-needling therapist need?

Given that it’s a relatively new form of treatment, you may find that insurers have limited experience in issuing insurance for microneedling therapists. However, there are many areas which this form of therapy has in common with other parts of the hair and beauty industry and, as such, similar forms of insurance are required for anyone setting up a micro-needling business.


Treatments risk insurance

This is a form of cover which is essential to anyone administering treatments in the hair and beauty industry. Micro-needling, in particular, is an area where meticulous care and precision is essential. Despite being an expert in the field and being professional and meticulous, however, things can go wrong and clients may claim they have suffered as a result of the treatment they have received from you. Treatments risk insurance will protect you from claims made against you by clients who feel that they have been injury, taken ill or suffered some other form of loss as a result of micro-needling treatment. Treatments risk can help cover legal expenses which arise out of such claims and any compensation which is awarded to the claimant.


Public liability insurance

This is a form of cover which is not specifically limited to treatment you administer. It’s intended to protect you for claims made against you if someone feels they have been injured or suffered illness or had their property damaged as a result of your business practices. The claimant can be a client or a member of the public.


Employer’s liability insurance

If you have anyone working for you, whether on a part-time or casual basis or in a more permanent capacity, the law requires you to take out employer’s liability insurance. This is to protect you against claims for injury, illness or damage brought against you by your employees.


Other forms of cover

In addition to liability cover, micro-needling therapists may also need to take out buildings and content insurance if they own their own premises; or if they are renting and their landlord has buildings cover, then they will need to have insurance for their contents.

They may also need to take out insurance for equipment and products used in their treatments.

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Our Reviews

4.9 / 5 Based on 1679 Reviews
Read all reviews »

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