The Benefits Of Using Salon Software

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Do you use software in your salon?  Would you like to start using salon software?  We explore the benefits of using salon software to help you decide.

How you prove your clients value can be the difference between keeping them and losing them. How you keep your clients can vary from salon to salon.  Using a paper filling system to manage client’s data and appointments may work.  But with several salon management software systems on the market; paper filling is a thing of the past.  Salon systems can automate many of these processes and even help you with other areas of your salon.

Are you thinking of investing in software?  Do you want to make the most out of your existing system?  If so, here are the benefits a salon system could bring you not only in keeping existing clients but to gain new ones too.


Prompt clients to pre-book

One way of making sure your clients return is to prompt them to book another appointment before even leaving the salon. Some salon software is programmed to ask the hairdresser or therapist if the client would like to pre-book their next appointment before or after payment is taken. Your salon system should also provide you with simple reports that list clients who are overdue for appointments which you can then use to send a personalised email or text directly from the system. To read more about the benefits of SMS marketing for your hair or beauty salon click here.

Make bookings easy

Offer clients a 24 hour system which allows the client to book their own appointments whenever they want. Clients are even able to choose a particular stylist at a time that suits them. Salon software can also let you know of any no-shows which on average are around 6 a week. The two way text messaging on systems is simple to use for salons to send personalised texts en masse. Your system will be able to use this for marketing campaigns.

Loyalty Schemes

Set up a loyalty scheme to help prompt clients to come back more regularly. You can even set in place discounts for existing customers who refer a friend. Why not book them both in at the same time? Salon systems can be used to store details about each client you have whether it’s their birthday, how they have their tea and even their favourite magazine. The client’s details can also help you avoid the same boring conversations they get everywhere else.  Check out our recent blog which gives more tips about loyalty schemes and Facebook advertising for your hair or beauty salon 

Stock control

As well as using your system for clients and appointments, you can also use it for your stock. Use it not only for counting stock but also for which products you use the most allowing you to order only what you need. Some systems will also take note of your stock levels and can even order your stock for you sending you an email of your orders.


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Our Reviews

4.9 / 5 Based on 2103 Reviews
Read all reviews »

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