SMS Marketing For Your Hair Or Beauty Salon


With more brands looking to target customers on the move, SMS texting is becoming an essential and effective marketing tool. There are many benefits to SMS marketing for your hair or beauty salon.  It allows you to engage with your customers right from the start.  You can send personalised text messages promoting any offers and keep them up to date with your salon news. This is also a great platform to save customers missing appointments or to encourage them to treat themselves for special occasions.

One of the benefits of SMS marketing for your hair or beauty salon is the different ways you can use it to reach out to your clients. Discounts, vouchers and appointment reminders can be used to increase and even enhance customer service. Texting is an affordable way to advertise your business and increase leads. With hair and beauty salons, some of the biggest problems are no shows and slow days.  Using SMS texting can help address the issues and increase your client database. Here are 5 top tips on how SMS marketing for your hair or beauty salon can improve your business.


Appointment reminders

Life can get busy sometimes.  We are all prone to forgetting appointments.  However, sending a simple reminder can save you and your client time and money. By offering them the option to cancel can allow you to give that slot to another client. The best way to send these messages is to address the client by name as not only is it personal but the client won’t think you text them by mistake. Send the message the day before their appointment in the afternoon or early evening. This gives the client times to arrange their schedule if they forgot about the appointment. It’s also not too far away for them to forget again. Give them details on what their appointment is in case they need to make any previous preparations.


Targeted messages

You would have enough data on your clients and their preferences to be able to send them promotions that are relevant to them. For example, if you have a client that gets their eyebrows waxed every 2 weeks, send them a message offering a discount on their next appointment if they take another treatment. This type of promotion increases customer loyalty. Customers are more likely to continue doing business with places that offer them discounts and reward them for their custom.


Fill empty slots

Wouldn’t you love filling the least busy time in your salon? You can send messages to clients offering them a discount for booking during your slow time. This could be certain days or times. You could also offer them a discount for bringing a friend.


Tips & advice

Offering clients helpful beauty tips can help increase your salons reputation as having expert staff. You can also increase sales of the products you sell by sending messages on how they can solve chronic problems particular to that customer, such as dry or oily skin, split ends or an oily scalp.


New services

Another great way to use SMS messaging is to let your clients know of any new products or treatments you are introducing. You could also offer a discount to the first 10 people that want the product or treatment making sure you get bookings. This could also link to having the treatments or products on your slow days.


Further information

For further advice on marketing your hair or beauty salon, please check out our blogs on Facebook advertising and our top 5 marketing tips 

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