Facebook Advertising Tips For Your Hair Or Beauty Salon


To follow on from our Top 5 Marketing Tips we ask Johnny Paterson, Catalyst PR to tell us his top 5 Facebook advertising tips for your hair or beauty salon.


1. Are you ready?

The first of our Facebook advertising tips for your hair or beauty salon is – Are you Ready? It’s great to have intentions when starting a social media platform but it’s really important to remember that you need to implement what you’re about to do.  Be sure that you have a content strategy ready and that you will have a daily post to go up. There are some arguments that daily posts don’t need to be done and that you can stick to 1 or 2 a week as long as they’re good.


2. Content

Make sure enrich the content on your Facebook page. Just like a website you don’t want to go on there and see parts missing, especially important information. On Facebook there is so much for you to fill out on your business page. So ensure that you have page info, aim, about, mission, your opening times and your location.  Also, make sure fill out all your page roles and admins. The most important section to fill is pictures, photos, and galleries of collections, albums as well as plenty of video content.


3. Content strategy

Content strategy is really important. You shouldn’t be making it up each day as you go along. Obviously if something good comes along, a good story you think would suit your Facebook fans, then you would post it, but try to have a daily content idea. Lots of brands use #freebiefridays which is a hashtag they use on a Friday. On Wednesday’s there is a hashtag called #womancrushwednesday and people do tend to search for these to engage. But you might want to come up with your own content points. For example, on a Tuesday if you are a nail salon you could use #nailtiptuesday which you could use for your ongoing posts you promote every Tuesday.


4. Facebook insights

Now you have a content strategy, you are posting daily and you have enriched Facebook content.  You now need to ensure you check your Facebook Insight. It’s an amazing reporting tool that will tell you what posts your customers enjoy.  You will also find out what they are engaging with, where your audience lives, what they’re into and their age demographic. The reason why this is so important is because on our next point we are going to start advertising to that audience and what we’re looking to create is a like for like audience that is new.


5. Facebook advertising

Facebook two or three years ago changed the way that they work. Before, your organic content posts you share would be readily shown to the general public as well as your audience. It’s all changed now as Facebook shows the posts to your fan base and goes on what they think you would like. If that post does well then they will show it to more and more people. That’s why some organic posts work better than others.

However, a way to counteract this and create some speed in your work and get more people to know you brand is to advertise on Facebook. It is good value for money and for as little as £25 you can hit a very large audience over a 24 hour period and say exactly what you want to say, in a style you want to say it and in a design you want to create outreach and engagement.

If you’re new to Facebook, I would recommend that you run a like campaign.  This will get people on to your page. You can also boost campaigns to build awareness of your product launch, promotions or just general information on your salon. Otherwise start looking at things like click to website and lead generation campaigns and claim offers. This is where if you do have an offer on, you could put up one hundred vouchers on Facebook. People then have to claim them in a certain period of time so it generates business.

Facebook is so inexpensive and you can hit such a large audience.  In the past we used to read local newspapers and magazines.  They would usually charge around £500 for half a page and £1000 for a full page advert.  We don’t need these now.  Whilst newspaper and magazine advertising can still serve a purpose, for as little as £25 you can hit a much larger audience which can show up directly on their mobile phone.


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