The Secret To Success: 11 Essential Tips For Marketing In-Salon

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When we think of marketing, we ordinarily associate this with Facebook, Instagram and Twitter – but how many of you have you ever thought about, or included marketing at your actual salon as part of your business strategy?

Often we forget that client engagement and brand loyalty will only prosper online if we put in the ground work, and start developing this at the heart of the home – the salon. We’ve put together 11 essential tips to help you uniquely market your business at your salon:


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1. Make sure your salon always looks its best

The beauty industry is all about looking good, and the way you decorate your salon reflects how good you will make your clients look.


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2. You have 7 seconds for a first impression!

Yes, this is how long it takes before we make our minds up about someone or a decision. Proficiently train your front desk staff to always look their best, to smile, to make eye contact and to cross-sell and up-sell at the appropriate times. How you present yourself is how people view you. How would you like to be showcased?


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3. Set up a selfie station

Create a small booth at the front of your salon showcased with your salon name and logo and encourage clients to take selfies with their new look, and to post on social media. Don’t forget to ask them to tag your salon in the post too!


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4. Carry exclusive products

People like to feel special. Provide your clients with products they won’t ordinarily get elsewhere, and they’ll stay loyal and come back to you for more.


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5. Throw a contest

Let your clients and their friends and family know that you are holding a product giveaway contest for the most number of referrals sent your way over a two-month period. Why not use one of your exclusive products as the gift?


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6. Recommendations are everything!

Invest in an iPad and get your clients to write reviews on your website and Facebook whilst in the salon or at the end of their visit. Provide an incentive with a £5 discount voucher for their next visit if this is done. Nine times out of ten, clients are likely to give a few minutes of their time to save some pennies.


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7. Make the journey worthwhile

You need to make your client feel good from A to B. That means from the minute they ring and ask for a price quote, to the minute you greet them, wash their hair and even book them in for their next appointment, you need to make them feel loved. Show that you genuinely care about them and build that emotional impact to maintain brand loyalty.


8. Be your own model

Nobody will get a beauty treatment from someone with bad hair, brows or makeup. Take the time in the morning to always look your best.


9. Invest time

Aim to get into work 20 minutes before or stay behind 20 minutes later at the day end. Spend time checking your website, emails and social media accounts or simply organise the front desk, make a to-do list and get any other bits and bobs organised for the day.


10. Have price perception

Price your services too low and risk losing out on money. Price them too high, and risk losing clients. Be smart about your pricing and maintain it at the right level. Think about offering a 15% discount for friends and family.


11. Offer a higher level of treatment

Earn tips through offering a mini scalp or hand massage as an upgrade. Again, it’s all about standing out from the crowd and making your client feel special.


What are your top tips for marketing your salon? Share with us your comments on Facebook and Twitter.

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Our Reviews

4.9 / 5 Based on 967 Reviews
Read all reviews »

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