Terrorism Insurance

Safeguard your business with Salon Gold’s terrorism insurance

Salon Gold’s Terrorism Insurance

As a tragic and unpredictable part of modern life, terrorist attacks are a constant low-level threat which businesses in any sector need to be mindful of. In the wake of the 1992 change in the law which prevented companies from making a terrorism insurance claim on their property or public liability cover, businesses now need to add on separate cover to ensure they are protected if their livelihood is affected by an attack in the vicinity of their premises.

Even if your salon is not within the direct range of an attack, there are issues your business may face if a terrorist incident takes place in the wider area in which you operate. For example, you and your customers may be left unable to access the salon due to transport restrictions or, if your premises were within a targeted zone, your customers and staff may be less willing to travel there. No matter the consequences to your business, Salon Gold’s terrorism insurance can offer financial protection against all manner of incidents and keep your business safe during times of great public uncertainty.

What Do You Get With Terrorism Insurance?

Terrorism insurance is an optional cover available under all Salon Gold salon policies. Your salon will be eligible for our terrorism insurance if it is located within the United Kingdom, Channel Islands, or the Isle of Man.

Terrorism insurance is one of our optional covers which can be purchased in addition to our core policies, which provide comprehensive protection against a range of common issues faced by businesses like yours. Public liability insurance, for example, allows you to make a claim if a member of the public has sustained personal injury or property damage due to your business’s day to day operations, while products liability insurance offers similar protection against claims related to products you sell. If you hire a team of staff to run your salon, you are legally required to hold employer’s liability insurance, which keeps you financially protected if one of your team sustains an injury as part of their work.

In addition to these core policies, we also offer treatment risk cover to all our clients, which accounts for any personal injuries or property damage which may have been caused while you are providing your everyday services to customers, such as being cut by scissors during a trim, or an allergic flare from hair dye.

Whatever cover your business needs, joining Salon Gold allows you to create a completely customised insurance package that offers your business the most comprehensive protection on the market.

Our terrorism cover includes:

  • Optional cover for all salon insurance customers
  • Cover for all salon stock, contents and loss of income arising out of a terrorist act


This cover is an optional cover for all salon insurance customers and is not available for our freelance or mobile customers

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Terrorism Insurance FAQs

What does terrorism insurance cover?

Although many people would hear the phrase “terrorism insurance” and understandably assume it related solely to property damage, these policies can cover far more than just recouping costs for structural repairs. For example, if the area where your salon is based is cordoned off for an extended period of time, your terrorism insurance would be able to offer financial compensation for interruptions to your day to day business operations.

What is the terrorism risk insurance act and what does it cover?

There is no formal terrorism risk insurance act in the United Kingdom. Instead, following the April 1992 bombing of the Baltic Exchange in London, insurers began to no longer include terrorism coverage in their wider commercial insurance policies. As of 1993, the Pool Reinsurance Company was founded as a collaboration between the insurance industry at large and the British government, to ensure that any financial losses sustained as a result of an act of terrorism would be covered.

Do you offer terrorism cover for mobile or freelance customers?

Most freelancers do not operate from a premises so will not have a need for terrorism cover. However, if you do rent a premises, you will need a salon insurance package to ensure you are properly covered and you can add terrorism insurance on to the salon insurance package.

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