Products Liability Insurance

Our product liability insurance can stop faulty products from ruining your reputation

Products Liability Insurance by the industry experts

Whether you work in the hair, beauty, holistic, health, or fitness industry, you’ll know that not all accidents are just down to slips and trips. If a treatment that you carry out goes wrong, treatment risk or malpractice cover will step in to protect you. But in the course of your work, there is another specific risk involved.

Running a salon or freelance business that sells or supplies products to clients as a part of your services always comes with a chance that the product might be faulty and cause injury or it may damage a client’s property. When that happens, the client won’t go to the manufacturer – they’ll go to you, and so will their compensation claim.

This is where products liability insurance comes into play. It safeguards your business if a product that you make or supply causes personal injury to one of your clients or a member of the public, or if it damages an item of their property. In these circumstances, your products liability insurance would cover the costs of any compensation that you are ordered to pay, together with the legal fees incurred in the case. This ensures that you and your business will be protected, whatever the outcome.

What Do You Get With Products Liability Insurance?

It doesn’t matter if you haven’t manufactured the product that caused the problem. If you sell or supply it, you are still legally responsible for the injury or damage it causes. This is why products liability is a key feature of the insurance you need to avoid being faced with a substantial claim that your business would struggle to pay. We provide it automatically when you take out your Salon Gold policy. Our cover applies across the United Kingdom, Channel Islands, and the Isle of Man, as well as up to 14 days’ temporary protection if you are doing work abroad (excluding the USA and Canada).

We don’t just provide products liability insurance as part of our automatic cover—public liability insurance is also included as standard. This keeps you financially protected if your work causes harm to a customer or third party, or damages their belongings.

Financial loss insurance is also included as part of your products liability insurance policy, so if your business finds itself losing money for reasons which are unrelated to any damage to property or personnel, you’ll be able to claim those finances back. If damage is the cause of any financial loss, this will be covered by your public liability policy.

You are also entitled to treatment risk cover under our standard policy, which is designed for health and beauty workers looking for protection if any physical or psychological damage is caused as a result of any treatments or advice. This is equally beneficial to those working in holistic, health, and fitness industries, though cover for workers in this field is listed as malpractice cover.

Our standard cover includes:

  • A limit of indemnity of £3 million for all claims each year (or £1 million for students)
  • PLUS the option to increase this cover to £5 million for all claims each year (excluding students)
  • PLUS Consumer Protection Act cover of up to £100,000
  • As well as all this, you’ll also receive cover for products supplied whilst temporarily (up to 14 days) working abroad (excluding the USA and Canada)


This cover is applied automatically when you take out your insurance with us.

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Product Liability Insurance FAQs

What is product liability insurance?

If you supply a faulty product to a customer that causes an injury or damages their property, they may try to sue you. Even if you have not been negligent, you may still be held liable for damages and injuries suffered as a result of products that you use or supply.

How much is product liability insurance?

Our policies, which include product liability insurance, are tailored to the needs of each client and the individual circumstances of their business. Get a quote now, with instant cover.


Will I automatically get products liability with any Salon Gold, Fitness Gold, Holistic Gold or Counselling Gold insurance policy?

Yes, you will! All our Salon Gold insurance policies have products liability insurance included as standard, at no extra cost.

Do I need products liability insurance if I don’t manufacture products myself?

Yes. Our products liability insurance is specifically designed to safeguard  against claims made against you for any products that you have supplied or sold. Unfortunately, if something goes wrong with a product which a client has obtained from you, or if the product is faulty, the client’s first port of call will be you, rather than the manufacturer. Having products liability insurance in place provides protection from these types of claims and, if possible, the insurer will recover any costs from the manufacturer.

Some salon, hair, beauty, holistic, health, and fitness insurance policies don’t offer products liability in their policies. Why do you?

We firmly believe that products liability insurance plays a vital role in any business insurance cover. Whether you run a salon, work as a freelance hair or beauty professional, or if you’re a holistic therapist or personal trainer, this cover secures you from a legal standpoint if a customer makes a claim against you. With products liability insurance cover in place, your insurer will deal with the claim on your behalf. They will aim to pass on the claim to the company which manufactured the faulty product, rather than you as the supplier.

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