Personal Accident Insurance

Protect yourself from accidents that could leave you unable to work


You are the heart and soul of your business, and it’s your hard work and dedication that has enabled you to create a business you’re proud of. Though nobody wants to think about being forced out of action, any absence from work will have a direct impact on your income. And if you are involved in an accident that leaves you unable to work for some time, the financial consequence could be huge.

Whether you run a salon, a clinic, or have a freelance or mobile business, it certainly pays to be prepared for a totally unexpected situation that strikes out of the blue. The last thing you need is to spend your recovery stressing about how you’re going to pay the bills. Personal Accident insurance from Salon Gold eases your worries about income and provides the money you need to tide you over.

What Do You Get With Personal Accident Insurance?

Personal accident insurance covers you when you’re involved in an accident that prevents you from working. The money you’re entitled to will be distributed either in weekly instalments, or as a single lump sum payment depending on the severity of your injury. Other key features of our personal accident insurance are:

  • Cover for injuries and medical expenses incurred as a result of an accident
  • Permanent and temporary disablement cover provided as standard
  • Hospitalisation and fracture benefits

Our personal accident insurance can be arranged to cover the time you spend at work (including your commute), or on a 24-hour worldwide basis. The former means you would be covered at, or on your way to, work, while the latter means you’ll be protected anytime, anywhere. Your policy indemnity limit can be tailored to meet your specific needs, and also includes access to a counselling and information services helpline. You may decide to take out personal accident insurance for your employees too, ensuring that you receive a payout if a member of staff can’t work following an accident. You could use this money to continue paying them, or to recruit a replacement to cover them in their absence.

Whatever form of personal accident insurance you require, please note that these are optional covers which can be added on to any Salon Gold policy. The one exception to this is personal accident insurance for hands, which is automatically included in any policy for salon owners.

Every single Salon Gold policy features a number of covers as standard, such as public liability insurance and products liability insurance. These offer you financial protection if a customer’s property is damaged, or someone is injured because of an incident related to your business, or a product you’ve sold. Aside from these core automatic covers, we help you build your own personalised insurance package to give your business all the protection possible. For example, if you are the owner of a hair or beauty company, treatment risk cover will be extremely beneficial, as this pays out for any claims associated with the professional services you provide, for instance as the result of claims involving allergic reactions or burns. However, if you run a holistic, health or fitness company, malpractice insurance is more suitable, because this covers bodily injuries, and mental and psychological damage following physical procedures and advice.

Our personal accident cover includes:

Salon insurance customers:

  • Personal Accident For Hands cover:
    • Included as standard
    • Cover provided for all directors and partners up to £10,000
    • Additional staff can be added subject to an additional premium
  • FULL personal accident cover:
    • Available as an optional extension
    • 24 hour worldwide cover
    • Weekly payments of between £50-£300 if you cannot work (temporarily) due to an accident
    • Lump sum payments of between £10,000-£60,000 if you cannot work (permanently) due to an accident


Mobile & Freelance insurance customers:

  • Personal Accident For Hands available as an optional extension
  • FULL Personal Accident cover available as an optional extension


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We cover treatments and trades in hair, beauty, holistic, fitness and counselling sectors

Personal Accident Insurance Options

Personal Accident Cover for Hands

What would you do if you could not use your hands? They are your most important tools and (providing you are aged between 16 and 70) cover is available for compensation in the event of loss of the hand or fingers or loss of use caused by an accident happening in connection with the business. The maximum payable under this section is £10,000 per person with reduced limits for loss of use of parts of the hand.

This cover is available as standard for all Directors and Partners on our salon packages and is an optional cover under our mobile and freelance package.

Personal Accident – Full Cover

How would you pay your bills if you had an accident and couldn’t work? This cover provides protection following an accident which prevents you from working and is not limited to hands only. It offers 24 hour cover, worldwide. If you are temporarily disabled, it pays from £50 to £300 per week. In the case of permanent disablement or death, a lump sum of £10,000 to £60,000 is payable.

This cover is available as an optional extra on our salon and freelance packages.

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