Goods in Transit Insurance

Our goods in transit insurance covers business items stolen, lost or damaged while being transported from A to B.

Salon Gold’s Goods in Transit Cover

Whether you work in the hair, beauty, holistic, health, or fitness industry, you’ll regularly have to transport important business supplies to your place of work, either from home or from wholesalers. This could include anything from hair colour and dumbbells, to essential oils and towels. We don’t have to tell you how essential these items are for the day-to-day running of your company, which is exactly why you need to make sure that they are kept safe.

Journeys don’t always run as smoothly as planned, however, and in the worst case scenario, your supplies may be lost, damaged or even stolen en route. This is where having goods in transit insurance can be a lifesaver. With this cover, your company can recover any costs incurred by your business and continue to do what you do best. Safeguard your future by joining the Salon Gold community today.

What Do You Get With Goods in Transit Insurance?

Goods in transit insurance covers any business items which have been lost, damaged or stolen during transportation. For instance, you may move goods from a wholesaler to your home, and then to your salon the following day. But what if poor packaging or loading leaves them damaged, or you have simply misplaced them along the way? Ordinarily, rebuying these items could put a massive dent in your company’s finances. However, with Salon Gold’s goods in transit insurance, we cover the costs on your behalf, protecting your business’s finances and giving you peace of mind whenever you transport goods.

Our goods in transit insurance has a standard limit of up to £5,000 worth of items in transit, in any vehicle owned or leased by you within Great Britain. You can increase this limit for an additional premium if you wish. Please note that there is an excess of £350 when you claim under this section of your policy. Your goods in transit will cover you while moving goods anywhere in the UK.

When you take out any policy with Salon Gold, you will automatically receive goods in transit insurance, alongside many other protections, including public liability insurance. This safeguards your business if any activities cause harm to a customer or third party, or cause damage to their belongings.  Another protection under our standard policy is treatment risk cover, which is designed for health and beauty workers seeking a safeguard in the event that their treatments or advice cause physical or psychological harm to customers.

All of our policies are adapted to meet the specific needs of our customers. We know that no two businesses are the same, so give your livelihood the best possible protection with Salon Gold’s tailor-made insurance package.

Our goods in transit cover includes:

  • Standard cover for all salon insurance customers
  • £5,000 worth of cover


This cover is applied automatically for all salon insurance customers but is not available for our freelance or mobile customers

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Which type of Salon Gold policy do I need?

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We cover treatments and trades in hair, beauty, holistic, fitness and counselling sectors

Goods in Transit Insurance FAQs

How does goods in transit insurance reduce the risk of financial loss?

Accidents happen all the time, and though insurance doesn’t reduce the risk of you losing or damaging items during journeys, having goods in transit insurance in place does mean that your company won’t have to foot the bill. The same applies if such goods are stolen. Replacing these items yourself can be very costly, so not having the right cover in place could be detrimental to your business.

How much does goods in transit insurance cost?

Our goods in transit insurance is included as standard for FREE on all salon policies.  So whether you are a hairdressing salon, a beauty salon or an holistic centre, you will automatically have this cover under your policy.

What if I need a goods in transit limit higher than £5,000?

If you feel that £5,000 will not be enough to cover any items which get lost, stolen or damaged in transit, we’re happy to help. Contact our team to discuss a higher indemnity limit, and we’ll do what we can to sort out your perfect policy.

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