Exhibition Insurance

Protect your business’s contents at exhibitions with instant cover from Salon Gold.

Personalised Exhibition Insurance

Running a successful salon is likely fuelled by a marketing strategy that promotes your business to new customers. This likely includes online social media promotion, as well as offline marketing such as specialist trade events for the hair and beauty industry, where you can showcase the best of what your salon has to offer. No matter the size of the exhibition, you’ll need the contents of your display to be insured in case anything happens to your property, so you won’t have to pay out of pocket for repairs or replacements.

With an insurance policy from Salon Gold, if accidental damage occurs to your products as a result of a problem at the venue, such as unsafe lighting fixtures, you’ll be financially covered. This will allow you to find new opportunities, attract new customers and sell your products at events in the knowledge that you will be comprehensively protected in the event of damage occurring.

What Do You Get With Exhibition Cover Insurance?

Exhibition cover insurance protects your salon when getting involved in hair and beauty events held in Great Britain, Northern Ireland, the Channel Islands, and the Isle of Man. This policy is an extension of the cover you may already have in place for your stock and contents, and covers up to £2,500 worth of items used in your salon, as well as additional exhibition equipment, and has an excess of £350 in the event of a claim.

All of our insurance policies can be personalised to suit the needs of your business, but we provide all of our customers with a range of automatic policies which experience has shown to be the most valuable to businesses like yours. Public liability insurance, for example, can protect you against claims related to property damage or personal injury caused by your business’s activities, while products liability insurance offers similar financial support if products you have sold to your customers causes damages of a similar nature. Meanwhile, if you hire a team of staff, you are required by law to have an employer’s liability insurance policy in place. All of this is included as standard with any Salon Gold insurance policy.

If you cut clients’ hair or tint eyebrows in your salon, treatment risk cover can be included to protect you, should a treatment go wrong, or a client suffers an allergic reaction to a product. As accidents can always happen, insurance is necessary to protect your business and your ability to continue running it. Taking out exhibition cover insurance means that your business will be physically and financially protected for you, as a business owner.

Our exhibition cover includes:

  • Standard cover for all salon insurance customers
  • £2,500 worth of cover for your contents whilst at an exhibition


This cover is applied automatically for all salon insurance customers but is not available for our freelance or mobile customers

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Which type of Salon Gold policy do I need?

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We cover treatments and trades in hair, beauty, holistic, fitness and counselling sectors

Salon Exhibition Insurance FAQs

How does exhibition cover protect my business?

Should you host an exhibit at an event, this insurance will protect you against any damages of up to £2,500 which may befall your property, including those which occur during the process of both setting-up and dismantling your stand. The policy does not cover theft, unless through forcible and violent entry to or exit from the exhibition premises. Cancellation cover is also not included under the umbrella of this policy.

Do I need exhibition cover insurance?

If you plan on exhibiting at a specialist trade event, exhibition cover is necessary for protecting your salon’s equipment and contents. You don’t want an incident to occur, such as a temporary structure that collapses and accidentally damages your equipment. This could leave your business financially in the red if the items in question are costly to replace. As such, it is imperative to have an insurance policy which provides you with sufficient cover, as you’ll then be able to enjoy the event in the knowledge that your salon and its contents are fully protected, no matter what.

How do I get exhibition cover insurance?

Getting an insurance policy with Salon Gold is simple. All you need to do is provide us with information about your business and the contents you want insured, and how much cover you think you’ll need. Then, you can choose whether you require any additional covers, and we’ll provide a quote that you can activate immediately.

Do you offer exhibition cover for mobile or freelance customers?

If you operate on a freelance or mobile basis and have chosen to add cover for stock and equipment to your mobile or freelance policy, you will be covered anywhere in the UK and this will include whilst your stock and equipment is at an exhibition site.

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